Fun’s over…


We had a little get together hosted by the always lovely Phlegmmy this weekend, and it was sorely needed…

The usual suspects were in town, sadly minus a couple… Stingray, FarmFam, Vine and AePilotJim were not able to make it in…  Really hate it when work keeps interfering with life and fun!

However Lawdog, JPG and Holly, Matt, Labrat, Michael and Jenn, AD and his significant other and Katy-Beth, and Rabbit (Frequent commenter) put in an appearance, along with a couple of very nice neighbors!  And for the first time in years, I actually had one of my two daughters with me on Father’s Day.  She quickly picked up the ‘handle’ of PPP… Pissed-off Pregnant Paramedic! 🙂

The conversations as always, ran the gamut, with the usual revolving circles of animals, people and FOOD (talk about target lock, imagine a Jack Russell locked on food!); and firearms were fondled, and Matt did another palm the gun trick (sorry Matt, but that ability is just AMAZING with hands that size…

Guess what’s in the hand…


M&P 45 compact WITH a laser!!!


Sadly, as always the weekend ended way too soon, but the respite was needed by all, and I think we all got at least a little chance to recharge our batteries.  And now it’s back to the damn diet… Sigh…

And one more video for y’all, bring a kleenex.  h/t to JP for this one

The Delta folks did ALL of this as volunteers, including the painting and care for the fallen during transport. Kudos to them!


Fun’s over… — 16 Comments

  1. Y’all down there in the Lower 48 do have an advantage when it comes to fun get-togethers. Sounds like a wonderful time.

  2. That was a two hankie viewing.
    If I ever fly again it WILL be Delta.

  3. OMG! thanks for the Monday Tear jerker..
    I don’t know if I missed something, but what was in the smaller box?

  4. Glad you finally got some down time, and having friends and daughter there made it even better. Now sober up and get to work.

  5. Rev- They DO make these things called airplanes… 🙂

    Stretch- Yep, bout the ONLY thing Delta does right…

    JUGM- You’re welcome, probably remains/cremation.

    Jenn- Yep!

    CP- Youza boss, I be workin boss… 🙂

    Opus- It was!

    Six- Yep…

  6. I’m glad you all had fun, what a great group of people! I had a chance to very briefly catch up with Phlegmy on the phone the other night but it was late and I was fading so it was too brief.

    Give my best to everyone, and thanks for the shout and a wave to those of us who were hanging out up here.

  7. Just be sure and let The Usual Suspects know when you get back out here in Kaliforniastan!

    It would be great getting together with you guys again!

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    I remembered reading a blurb about the honor guard that Delta has, The people are volunteers, most of them are veterans. Delta will hire veterans,Most of the people here that I work with are veterans. The people that run the honor guard are cargo/ramp people and they got concerned when they started seeing soldiers coming home on an airplane and it seemed impersonal. Most of them are veterans and to them it ” wasn’t right”. They started small and got the management on board and it started growing. The people that run it,have special equipment just for “HR” or human remains. The equipment used is dedicated for that purpose. the tugs and other vehicles shown are used only for deceased soldiers. I thought that was a great thing that they do.

  9. CP- 😛

    Brigid- If all you ladies got together, y’all would take over… 🙂

    drjim- Will do!

    Bob- Don’t disagree at all, and they DID step up and do the right thing because they WANTED TO, not because they were told to… Kudos to them!!!

  10. Yup – that definitely choked me up and now I’m starting my day from a place of gratitude and awe. Thanks for that, Old NFO!

    It was an absolute delight to see you and our fambly this weekend, and those who couldn’t join us were dearly missed. One of these days maybe we can lure Brigid down to join the fun. It was also a singular treat to meet your gorgeous daughter. Two days later and I’m looking forward to our next gathering. Love ya!

  11. Phlegmmy- Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest 🙂 And yes, is it next year yet??? 😀

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    Please let me know the next time y’all get together either for a blogshoot or a regular get-together. If y’all don’t mind a fairly new blogger joining y’all I would like to attend.


    Bob A.K.A. “MrG”