Woo Hoo, COOKED Bacon!!!

Staggered downstairs at the hotel and hit the buffet as soon as it opened this morning, and a grumpy chef took pity on me and actually COOKED the ‘bacon’!!!


And a word of warning… if you ask for an omelet and don’t specify, you literally get EVERYTHING in it, including carrots and spinach (I think, it was leafy and green)…

Now going to try to catch a nap, or something… My guess is about the time I get to sleep the maid will want to clean the room.


Woo Hoo, COOKED Bacon!!! — 7 Comments

  1. Then there is the pub breakfast near a worksite which will forever be known as the “Grease and Weasel”. The “extra bacon” always looked suspiciously like baked beans.

  2. Brigid- LOL, I ‘know’ those same places…

    WSF- It ‘is’ a bit different, and I found the pieces with the least fat…

    NSA- Thank you. Crispy please!

    Ed- That it is!!!