Another departure from NY…

Hitting them in the pocketbook WILL get their attention, sooner or later…

Kahr is the latest to bail on NY, and sounds like MA will be next, as soon as they get the plants up…

Kahr® Firearms Group Plans Major Expansion in Pennsylvania

July 1, 2013

Pearl River, NY – Kahr Firearms Group is engaged in discussions with a development group representing Blooming Grove Township of Pike County Pennsylvania, to open a new manufacturing site and relocate the Kahr corporate office from New York to Pennsylvania. Kahr’s corporate offices are currently located in Rockland County in Pearl River, New York.

Kahr’s plans include the purchase of 620 acres of commercial real estate from the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation. The first step in the multi-phased plan will begin with site preparation and office construction as early as late this year. This will be followed by the relocation of company corporate offices and the research and development department. In the second phase, manufacturing operations will be expanded to the Pike County location to meet the increasing demand for its Kahr Arms, Thompson, Auto-Ordnance, and Magnum Research product lines.

The Kahr Group of manufacturing plants, operating at full capacity, will continue production in their current locations in Worcester, MA and Pillager, MN.

“We are grateful for the warm welcome and the business opportunity extended by the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation to expand our company and relocate its headquarters office,” stated VP of Sales and Marketing, Frank Harris. “The Pennsylvania group has demonstrated tremendous support of our operations and Kahr looks to move forward with the project without delay. It’s good for our business and also for other businesses in the area as we build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the community. We anticipate generating significant numbers of revenue and jobs for the local Northeastern Pennsylvania economy with the construction of facilities, expansion of manufacturing, and need for local vendors.”

And talking to a friend in CO, it appears there have been a lot of cancellations to planned hunts.  Interestingly, Colorado Outfitters Assn is adding a ‘new’ page to their website HERE

One wonders???


Another departure from NY… — 12 Comments

  1. There you go NY State.

    That’s what happens when a State loaded to the gunwales with Libtards including a Governor (Cuomo) and the mayor of the largest city (Bloomberg) try to force idiotic gun restrictions on the populace!

    NY State is just another California.

    Connecticut you’r next!

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I am glad to see Kahr leave NY but I do have a concern though. Penn is still in the Northeast corridor and they are still ate up with liberalism. I am afraid that in 5 years or so, Penn will go the way of NY and MASS and the other very blue states.

  3. Here in Colorado, Magpul is moving. Lots of mumbling from the libs who said they were bluffing. Any Democrat running for state wide office better get all the soccer mom votes in the Ft. Collins – Pueblo I-25 corridor. Western slope and NE Colorado depend on out of state hunters for “winter money”. Doubt the candidates will find many supporters in rural Colorado.

  4. If I owned a company that made firearms, I would move to a place where I felt welcome and I’d take all of the jobs and the taxes that I pay to that place. It only makes sense.

  5. Toejam- Yep, all folks can do is leave before that happens.

    Bob/Ed- Agree completely!!!

    WSF- “I” doubt they are bluffing…

    LL- Concur!

  6. BTW,
    I like Kahr.
    I carry a memento of our relationship everywhere I go.

  7. Hope every last company having anything to do with guns leaves the anti-states and take every penny possible with them.

  8. My PM45 is my go-to backup gun and “quick errand” gun.

    It was made in Worchester MA, then shipped to Texas to a certain blogger who has an FFL.

    Then another blogger who lived in Texas bought it…then moved to Massachusetts where the gun was eventually sold to me.

    Mass won’t let them sell all but their most neutered products directly to MA residents…they make fantastic guns, but they should be making fantastic guns someplace that respects them.