I don’t know about anybody else…

But “I” didn’t see any of this in the MSM, when BO visited Arizona on 6 August…

And that’s Hank singing “We don’t apologize for America”.



I don’t know about anybody else… — 11 Comments

  1. Amnesty — and Obama are not popular in Arizona. Maybe that’s because it’s “fly over country” and it doesn’t matter to the President?

  2. The mainstream media rejects the silent majority in favor of their masters who profit from having Obama in the White House. Reporters and their ilk have lost all credibility.

  3. It’s hard to tell how many protesters are actually there. And the cowboy at the end really has nothing to do with the rest of the video.

  4. Juan- Excellent point!

    LL- They lost all credibility about 2000… or earlier!

    JR- I’d say more protesters than supporters… 🙂

    CP- LOL

    Rick- True!!!

  5. Look at video starting about 3:30. Cameraman and dude dressed in white shirt, black pants, black backpack. Taping faces for face recognition technology? Nah, I’m just paranoid. Those two are on a mission and it isn’t protesting.

  6. he got just as euqually of a rude reception this past weekend when he visited Orlando to speak at the Conferance for the Veterans administration. People were linning I-4 with “impeach obama” signs….