Tanks for the memories, Part Tres…

This one goes out to Bob- The venerable M113… Still in service today!


And here’s one reader Wandering Neurons took, he was braver than I was…

Flame thrower

His comment accompanying the picture? Beavis and Butthead: “Fire, fire, fire’s cool, heh, heh”. Singed eyebrows even 50′ behind him.

And it was not all just big pieces…


This a complete diorama of the Tarawa landing, all done in Legos… A company called Brickmania set it up, and I talked to the builder, he said it took him a year (Appx 2000 hours to build it)…

And a really ‘odd’ piece of armor…



Called the “S-Tank” This is a Swedish built tank killer, designed to dig in and shoot from concealment. It actually has two drivers, one facing forward, and one aft.  In the left picture, you can see it’s brother in the background, in a “normal” road condition. The barrel is ‘elevated’ by hydraulics on the tank raising the nose and dropping the rear, and max elevation is 12 degrees.

Here’s a PT76 Scout Tank running around…


This one is a  JAGD Panzer light tank… Sorry for the lousy quality, I was trying to record between three other folks…

JAGD Panzer

And a couple of motorcycle pics for y’all…



WWII Harley


WWII/present Chinese Copy of a BMW.  Clicken to embiggen and read the caption in the seat…



And I’ll close with these… Two pieces from Ground Zero-

FDNY Battalion Car


And the remnants of Squad 252



Note that someone left flowers on the trailer.  We will NEVER forget them either…


Tanks for the memories, Part Tres… — 11 Comments

  1. BZ- LOL smartass 🙂

    Brad- It is, go check out Lagniappe’s Lair link he’s got pics of it up!

    WSF- True, but they’re still hanging around and getting the job done in various places!

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Thanks for the 113 shot. Still my favorite track to drive. Looking at the 9-11 vehicles still gives me the chills.