The Fish Tank…

I had the ‘duty’ last night to go back to the airport and pick up a couple of folks.  Got there a tad early, so spent the time wandering…

I noticed a fish tank at the entry and stopped to watch the kids and fish.  One in particular caught my attention…

As long as there were only kids around, it was perfectly happy to swim down at the bottom of the tank and swim leisurely back and forth in front of the kids, and I finally realized there were a pair of them (actually there seemed to be pairs of all except two species of fishes).

Soooooo. one of the things I noticed, was any time an adult came over, the  fish became very agiated and turned away for the glass and swam to the far side of the tank…


It’s the light colored blur hauling butt away from me…IMG_1333

Another turn away, going up and to the back…


Better pic, but again hauling ass…

Anybody have a guess  as to the name of the fish???

So I hand the camera to a little kid maybe 7-8 years old and asked her to take a picture for me, what does SHE get???

IMG_1334She gets this… Almost like the damn fish posed for her…


This is a palette surgeonfish… No reaction to adults (matter of fact NONE of the others reacted at all)


A Wrasse (Big damn fish)…  And the control movement on the dorsal fin was mesmerizing…  It ‘rippled’ that dorsal to make fine motor control movements and it was the ONLY indication it was alive… 🙂IMG_1317

This one is called a Threadfin Butterfly fish…IMG_1324

And this one goes out to MSgt B and his wife, and A Girl and TSM… Thought of y’all last night!IMG_1342 Oh yeah, the fish… the paranoid fish…  It’s called a Bluespine Unicornfish..

There seems to be an analogy to something or somebody else that fits that profile…

Oh I know what was missing the rainbow farts…  🙂

But the paranoia, the lack of willingness to interact with adults, and the female acting the same way, oh… oh…  🙂


The Fish Tank… — 10 Comments

  1. Often small animals have opinions about kids versus adults. Maybe size matters to them.

  2. But do any of them go with lemon juice or tarter sauce? But as long as there’s BBQ, I don’t care about the fishes.

  3. I applaud you for getting such a fascinating post out of a forced wait at an airport. I tend to people-watch, but haven’t seen as many interesting folks in the last few years. (Prob’ly has something to do with the fact that nearly everyone dresses like the homeless on flights, these days…)

  4. Next time bring some monofilament line, a few small hooks and some grubs.

  5. I figure the Bluespine Unicornfish must realize it is very tasty when served with rice and white wine.

  6. Opus- Good point! 🙂

    CP- Seared Ahi, fresh caught goes “WELL” with lemon and a bit of pepper, you don’t even need tarter sauce!

    Rev- No choice… Japanese are death on impared drivers… 🙂

    LL- Great idea, if I wanted to be put UNDER the jail… 😀

    WSF- See above comment on drink/drive (and actually the bars WERE closed), smoking area was a 1/4 mile walk, 94 degrees, 90% humidity and spitting rain… sigh…

    Gerry- No idea, LOL

    Brighid- LOL, thank you!!!