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I don’t care WHAT the calendar says, it’s STILL Monday…

STILL Monday


No energy to do squat today…

I heard about this one on the airplane yesterday, and dug up one link, but it appears the facebook page they had up has disappeared… Facebook strikes again???

One week after nearly a million patriotic bikers converged on Washington, D.C. for the 12th anniversary of 9/11, a large group of truckers has announced its plans to halt commerce across the nation for next month. The strike is planned as a response to D.C. “corruption that is destroying America,” according to the movement’s Facebook page.

Organizers say that truckers taking part in the strike will not haul freight for three days, beginning Oct. 11. A social media campaign launched earlier this week has already garnered tens of thousands of supporters.
Article HERE.
Anybody else hear about this, or did I get snaked (again)???


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  1. Hey OldNFO;

    Yep I had heard rumblings about it from some of the other sites that I frequent, and on facebook….I think the driver…*Pardon the pun* is the high fuel prices and the other regulations that have cropped up the past few years. I remember when i was in Europe the truckers would stage strikes to protest the high fuel prices and other things, but it didn’t seem to do any good. The fuel prices stayed the same.

  2. I expect that the trucker insurrection may have to do with influence from the Teamsters, who are turning on their Democratic Party masters.

  3. Yep, what they said. I don’t think TPTB care about whether we protest, anymore. It won’t affect them personally or financially, which seems to be the only time they pay attention.

  4. I think it was a legitimate story about an attempt by some truckers to organize a rally, but it looks like it ran out of steam. Here’s >a href = “”>another link with a little more info.

  5. NO TRUCKS ON THE HIGHWAYS FOR TREE DAYS… damn I have got to find a place to go to enjoy the ride for a change. Especially during rush our.