Things actually work out…

Since I had some previously scheduled meetings down in Norfolk yesterday, I got a chance to have dinner with Daddy Bear and his co-worker Jeff yesterday evening, before the slog back to NOVA.  They were also in town for some work related stuff.

Took em to a ‘dive’, but DB wanted seafood…  His initial reaction was “Where in hell ARE we?”  🙂

Food was good, turns out Jeff is also former Navy, and had spent time in Norfolk back in the day.  As happens anytime you get military (or former military) guys together, the sea stories start (still don’t know what the Army calls em), and politics/treatment of the military- Consensus, the troops keep going in spite of the management, and the Marines WILL revolt if they get stuck with the ‘girlie’ hat…

And I’m firmly convinced the Army are the ‘champions’ at mis-use of personnel after talking to DB, Speer and others… sigh…

Really enjoyed the time, and it saved me from the dreaded HRBT traffic jams from hell in the afternoon, so I’m counting this one as a win all the way around!

I wish I had thought to try to invite the other folks in the Norfolk area that comment and are on GBC- Mea Cupla to those folks…


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  1. Always good to meet up with friends.

    Let me know if you get back out here again, and we can go grab some chow somewhere.

  2. In the Army “sea stories” are called “lies and war stories.”

  3. Sounds like a good time. (You know there’s a standing offer of dinner from me, if you ever lay over here, too.)

  4. The Army has either war stories or lies. Their lives are too boring and can only live though made up shit. You have to be at sea to have stories.

  5. Rev- One of these days… (PREFERABLY in the summer!)

    CP- LOL, some of the folks ‘I’ know had pretty exciting ones NOT getting shot at by the bad guys (not saying anything about friendly fire though)!

  6. Drove the Norfolk to dc route many times while incarcerated at the Pentagon. Never heard of the HRBT. How about an Acronym check, please?

  7. Let me! Let me!

    HRBT = Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel

    It connects Newport News & Hampton to the greater Norfolk area on the other side of Hampton Roads. It is legendary for its traffic jams during the commute time.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    We guys in the army called it “War stories” I used to run a joke among us vets that went along this line…”What is the difference between a war story and a fairy tale?

    Well a fairy tale starts out “Once upon a time” and a war story starts out “Man this is no shit…there I was…”

  9. It was a great time, NFO. Thanks for getting down to Norfolk.

    And yes, most Army stories start with “No #!$!, there I was….”

  10. On the proposed ‘new’ Marine cover – all they have to do is just admit it looks so ‘gay’. That is all.

    Uniform changes, don’t matter, although the Kepi is still dress for the Legion.

  11. About that new Marine cover that was recently shot down:

    I’m convinced that some years ago, the Army & Navy had a contest to see which one could come up with the stupidest looking hat. The Navy’s entry was the “dixie-cup”. Well, as a Navy man, I am sad to say that the Army won that contest, running away, with that gawd-awful stupid looking beret.

    It looks to me like the Marines were just jealous and wanted in on the fun.

  12. I’d always heard them refered to at the Post as “war stories” or “TINS” (This Is No Shit…) “There I was” seems more prevalent with the jarheads and Seabees, of the post RVN era…
    But all the usual suspects have ’em.

  13. Earl- Understood, and thanks!

    Roy- LOL, at least our dixie cups have a HISTORY! 🙂

    TOM- Thanks! And yes they do, in one form or another…