The Grey Man, update…

In response to a number of email questions, here’s an update for y’all…

I’m making the corrections passed back by the Alpha readers, and it’s gone to edit.  A cover has been selected and this is it.

The cover is an original work by one of my loyal readers, Mrs. Crankypants, who is a graphic artist in real life…  And I’m very happy with the way this looks and carries the ‘theme’ of the book…



Thank you to all those who have and are providing feedback and criticism, I do appreciate it and you ARE helping make the finished product better…

I thought writing it was hard, but DAMN I’m a lousy at punctuation and sentence structures… WAY too many years writing technical publications!!!  Editing all my mistakes is truly humbling and again appreciation to those who’ve provided feedback, honestly I missed damn near every one of the things y’all caught, and I can only blame the forest/TREE problem for that…

The editor I’ve picked is NOT a shooter, so I’m hoping she will catch some of the more egregious things that need further explanation; and yes, there will be an appendix with all the acronyms spelled out (along with the 10 codes)…

Can’t give a definitive publication date, but as things firm up and the editing winds down, I’ll put another update up…

Thanks for your patience!


The Grey Man, update… — 20 Comments

  1. It’s a process, and you’re better off not rushing it and getting it right before you go to press. I do understand this having rushed things in the past and having had to deal with the fall out.

  2. I know I’m terrible at editing my own work. I don’t know why, maybe just stubborn! I look forward to the book.

  3. Thank you for letting me be one of the alpha readers (with a paper copy). I thoroughly enjoyed the read, as I said, as good or better than most books put out by pricy publishers.

  4. I can get the thoughts in my head, but when it comes to writing them down I am terrible at it. Can’t wait for your book to come out- And maybe you will go out on a book signing tour? : ) Good Luck with it all

    • PS: Forgot to say that I really like the album cover…she did a awesome job on it.

  5. If I wanted a grammar correct book I would read a high school English book. I like real writing with all the goofs and stuff. I seems more lifelike.

    The only complaint I have is, the damn book isn’t available yet. Come on, dude.

  6. Take your time. Get it just right, then stop fooling around and pull the trigger. When nothing happens, slip it off safety and try again.

    Yeah, I’ll wait for the book. Then I’ll buy it and read it, and maybe write a review.

  7. LL- Understood, and I took your advice…

    Julie- Thanks!

    Woody- I ‘know’ I can’t… Better for me to get professional help… (No, not THAT kind)…

    Brigid- Thank you, that means a lot!

    Jenn/PH- All credit goes to Mrs. C… 🙂

    JUGM- Thanks, just write stream of consciousness… 😀

    Mrs. C- Oh hell no, I don’t want them to use it as a target… LOL

    CP- Workin on it… workin on it…

    Skip- I’ll put a link up once it is published.

    Laura- Thanks!

    Mark- That is the plan, both Kindle and paper…

    Mad Jack- LOL, heard that!!!

  8. Lookin’ forward to it!

    But make your name bigger – it’ll disappear at thumbnail size!

  9. Congrats on the book. Looking forward to its release. Cover looks great.

  10. If your editor is looking for numbers you can add me to the list of confirmed buyers. Heck, I’ll even prepay anytime.