Reflections on 2013…

Yeah, not going there…  It was another year, some good, some bad, some rainouts…

The ONLY reflection I want to see…

side mirror 2013Best wishes to all for 2014!



Reflections on 2013… — 12 Comments

  1. Rats. Looks like I’m hosed. No rear view mirror on my bike. 🙁

    Oh, wait. I’ve still got you & crew on the interweb. With you leading the way, lost
    becomes lots more entertaining, informative, and rewarding posts. :)))
    Happy NEW YEAR!

  2. If only I were a gracious and kind lady… I would wish you a vanilla New Year. Don’t think that’s happening any time soon so: “shoot the Night away and have a Wild New Year,” Dammit.

  3. CP- Thanks!

    Tango- I cheated… LOL

    LL- Yep!

    Ed/Keads/Rev- Thanks!

    xS3- Thanks, I think… 🙂

    Brighid/Brigid/Mrs. C- Thanks Ladies!!!

    WSF- In other words 50-50… sigh