The ‘usual’ suspects…

Jay G had a blog meet…

And the usual suspects showed up.  About 27 1/2 of us…

The youngest was 8 (going on 32) and the oldest was mumble…  🙂

This is just the folks in one of the two rooms!!!

Blog meet 2 1 14

And pretty much overwhelmed the restaurant! It’s a little place out in Leesburg, VA. Good food, but I don’t think the counted on that many of us… Just sayin…

And I FINALLY got to meet two folks I’ve been missing at meets for a long time…

Turk Turon, a truly nice guy, and quite the character, and the other was PA State Cop.  HE is truly a character…LOL

Good food, good friends and conversations that ran the gamut, so a typical blog meet.

And I decided to wear the BBQ rig… Don’t get the chance often, and decided what the hell!

DSC00610And Jay G and PA State Cop were at least two others that went old school with revolvers last night…

And I think Jay actually got a real head count and has all the links…



The ‘usual’ suspects… — 17 Comments

  1. But the gun in that NEAT holster has a cylinder that turns the wrong way!

  2. Ed- It was, albeit crowded!!!

    Jerry- Yep, hoping for the same too!

    gfa- Thanks!

    SoCal- The YOUNGEST was 10… 🙂 The rest of us, not so much…LOL

    Keads- Maybe next time!

    Rick- 😛

  3. Good to see you again! I wish there had been more room and a little less volume so we could have actually … spoken. And the youngest was 8. Going on 32. 🙂

  4. I had a revolver too. Mine was a Smith Model 642 that was just occupying a deep cover position so it wasn’t obvious. Not cool like your Python, but then again I can easily tuck it into a pants pocket.

  5. Nancy- Sorry… I aged her a bit too far… I’ll fix it!

    Murph- Ah… Sorry… My bad!

  6. Laura- Same here, glad you and Chris made the trip! Looking forward to more pics of the pup!

  7. Well, the Manassas fun show was very disappointing, though I did get a brick of .22 for $75, not a bad price for 500 rds.
    But to say that dinner was raucous would be an understatement. Pack nearly 30 nuts like us into a very small room, many of us with no indoor-voice, makes for an entertaining evening. But a great time seeing everyone, old and new.
    And NFO, the beard looks nice, no matter what everyone else says…