So I come out from our meeting and I see this…

IMG_1571Yes, that really IS a locksmith working on the door of a Mustang convertible WITH the top down…

Said abashed individual DID lock the keys in the trunk… And the trunk switch was disabled to keep people from popping the trunk… So he got to pay out of pocket, and will NOT live this one down for a LONG, long time! 🙂

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Really??? — 13 Comments

  1. Was “Said abashed individual” blond, or Polish?

    (For the record, my wife is blond and I’m Polish, so I’m allowed to make fun of those two ‘special interest’ groups.)

  2. Tim- Scientist… nuff said… 🙂

    Murph- LOL, good point1

    Marc- No clue…

    Stephen- So was I!!!

  3. WSF- He actually had to work at it, and did cut a key that worked…

    CP- LOL, the problem was keys in trunk… And no way to get them… Along with ringing cell phone… LOL

  4. OK, now I understand. He was using a soft blank to locate the pins so he could cut a key. More than likely, the owner had left his printed key code, or the factory supplied valet key, in the glove compartment.

  5. I have an 09 Mustang GT, hardtop, and my back seats fold down so i can get in to the trunk, i am guessing they dont do that on a convertible?

  6. That’s funny, but it would have been better if the keys were in the car instead of trunk.

  7. WSF- Apparently the key code wasn’t there, nor was the valet key.

    Dag- There is a steel plate to keep folks out of the trunk.

    Senior- LOL, wouldn’t it thought!!!