Montel Williams…

Says what many of us are feeling…

If the video is too wide, double-click it and watch it on youtube.


Where is the criminal investigation??? Where is the FBI?

If the administration REALLY cared, this would already be going on, and the Senate would have passed the bill that allows civil serpents to be fired, even if they ARE unionized…

I turned off the TV last night before I threw something at the TV over the hearing and the obfuscation from the three VA serpents testifying last night…

And it’s ALSO an item of discussion on the waterfront today…


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  1. we know the administration could give 2 hoots. Have a terrific weekend despite it all~!

  2. A good oped from Montel who is an Obama supporter, I guess because Obie is black (or half black/half Muslim). But he is right and some heads need to roll. But Obie takes care of those who worship him and he does not fire anyone. Criminal charges need to be filed against any VA official that had anything to do with this shit.

  3. Read a good comment on this clusterf*ck. Put the military in charge of the V.A. purely because they have a vested interest. Not just corpsmen as Montel suggested but all the way up.

  4. Angel- Hard to… so many in need and being ignored…

    CP- Agreed!

    Rev/Buck- Yep!

    WSF- Yeah, intel type…

    Frank- Actually Daddybear suggested just that, and I agree!!!

  5. Thanks, but I have no interest in listening to Montel.
    Clearer minds have said better.
    But it’s nice to see “the One”‘s mind control waning.

  6. When Obama and co have lost Montel Williams on the VA problems….

    He’s right that it’s fundamentally flawed and firing Shinseki wouldn’t the sole solution. But, it would be a darn fine start sweeping downward to clean house and end this abominable treatment of vets.

  7. Not just this administration – the problem has been brewing for decades, while our congress-vermin sit on their fat asses, collect their too-high salaries, and accumulate their retirement pensions.

    You wanna throw people in jail over this? Fine! I’m with you 100%. But start with the assholes at the top of the food chain. And I ain’t talking’ about the head of the VA…

  8. It would be nice if we could force Congress to use the VA for their retirement healthcare. Things would be shipshape rather quickly.

  9. Our current administration have never been friendly to our military personnel. Ever. They thank them, then accuse them of being mentally unstable. They attempt to reduce their benefits AFTER their service. They deploy them again and again and again. How do you hold a steady job with that threat ? Quite a hardship on their families as well.

    Then the VA fiasco news hits. There needs to be an investigation – this hits Democrats and Republicans alike.

    Fighting terrorism is one thing – nation building is quite another. That last task is what got us in trouble.

  10. Firings (firings, not the “allowed to retire” that comes with a golden parachute), possibly trials if there are applicable laws that charges can be filed. Top to bottom purge.

    And I’d be curious – the list of Dems calling for Shensiski’s firing is growing. How many of them support Obamacare? Because the VA scandal IS Obamacare’s future.

  11. I normally don’t care for Montel and his politics., but I do respect his service. He is spot on with the VA issues and the VA blowing everybody off. They feel secure in their jobs and don’t give a damm as an organization.

  12. 1. Jail? Seriously? What laws do you think were broken? Mismanagement and neglect are not against the law.

    2. Firings top to bottom? And better care will result from the reduced manpower and management?

    3. This is the VA. It has been like this for it’s entire existence. This isn’t even an Obama thing.

    4. Your anger is misplaced. The VA is exactly like the entire rest of the government including DoD. The least offensive cabinet secretary under the Obama administration was Shinseki and he is the only one to “resign”. Seriously Republicans? That is the trophy you wanted? The heads of the IRS, EPA, HHS, State Department, BLM, and DoJ are in violation of actual laws and none of them were removed and sent home in shame. They are making up new laws and assisting their friends in looting the treasury that will impact all Americans not just veterans. The Fault is a congress that looked at the VA, medicare and medicaid and decided that all America needed a similar system where the government controlled all health distribution.

    Fixing the VA is easy: Shut it down. Give Vets with service connected disability a Blue cross card with zero deductible, paid for by the taxpayers. Give all other vets a card that says, “you are on your own”. Viola!! No lists. No bureaucracy. No mismanagement and indifference.

  13. All- Thanks for the comments. Prof Hale, if they gave me that choice, I’d take it…

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