Maybe there could be a ‘field test’ against five certain individuals…

No audio, but you don’t need it… 🙂

You WERE saying ‘BOOM’ in your head weren’t you… 😀

h/t JP


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    • I was thinking that a marriage between Hanoi Jane Fonda and Taliban Bergdahl would be the perfect match, and a great place to put the laser.

  1. And here LL was making fun of the poor, defenseless Air Force on his blog, while all the while secretly admiring cool, drone-dropped technology.


  2. You may as well think BOOM in your head. You don’t hear anything until it hits anyway. No need for a music track.

  3. I was actually thinking, “Who was the idiot that volunteered to drive that truck?” LMAO

  4. Rick- Yep, pretty big… 🙂

    SiG- Agreed!

    Fargo- LOL, the driver was in a nice little bunker well away from the boom! 🙂

  5. seems to me they didn’t need to use a new-ish truck to blow to smithereens. Betcha Mythbusters would have gotten a lot better bang for their buck.