Early last week I asked one of my ‘dumb operator’ questions in a meeting…

Got the usual Polish salutes, dunnos, that’s not a valid question, etc.  After the meeting, the boss says set up a meeting at XYZ and lets find out what the right answer to your convoluted question is.

Off I go, trying to get that done.  XYZ doesn’t want a cast of thousands, so I tell the boss, he gives me a list of people, and I go back and forth with XYZ and the list on available dates/times to have the meeting.  After a couple of back and forths, the decision is to have the meeting this morning.


Except, I got an email yesterday evening, that due to limits on the space, I’m no longer invited to the meeting (this came from some admin type at XYZ).

Rilly, I mean RILLY???

So now I’m sitting in my office waiting for a phone call from my boss wondering why I’m NOT at the meeting to ask my convoluted question, and why I didn’t call him (betting he STILL hasn’t checked his voicemail for the message I left last night).

Should be all kinds of fun today…  Can I retire yet???

Sigh… And it’s ONLY Wednesday…


Rilly??? — 8 Comments

  1. I asked a stupid question in a meeting.
    I then had to write a white paper on the issue. The Power Point briefing came next.
    That became a paper give at a symposium with everybody name on it but mine.

    The pain goes away after awhile.

  2. So you’re not invited to the meeting you requested? That happened to me once, too. I never asked for another, after that, and I’m told the indignation goes away.

    You’ll be the first to know when it happens … 🙂

  3. Gerry, the same thing happened to me when I was at Boeing.

    I made some suggestions to a Senior Engineer, who promptly told me I was full of sh1t, and spent 5 minutes explaining why my suggestion couldn’t work, even though it was something done in the commercial world.

    Six months later the guy writes a paper about a “new” method of doing this process, and wins a $10k award.

    Oh, well……..

  4. Hold your horses… I wonder if part of the disconnect might be that it’s Thursday here on the Best coast, and Wednesday on the LEast coast. So according to my calculations your either a day early or a week late for the meeting.

  5. Gerry/drjim- Happens WAY too often… Publish or perish crap and all…

    Rev- Not requested, DIRECTED to set up… sigh

    WSF- Of course

    Dammit- The meeting was this morning, the disinvite call last night… See the next post.