Random stuff…

This is one M-80 I’d like to have… 🙂

Right now the Army is ‘borrowing’ it for a while…

And we were chatting about ‘gamers’ and ‘gaming’ at lunch today, and one of the folks found this one…

Takes playing a ‘game’ to a whole new level!  Apparently even the binoculars are linked to the computer and show the correct ‘magnification’ selected by the user.  When you add in the ‘automated’ interface responses, it gets pretty realistic, and even at $4-5M, it’s a LOT cheaper than steaming a DDG for training half a world away.  One of the more interesting pieces is the VR headsets for the 50 cal gunners, and accurate feedback to firing the guns using compressed air…

The telling argument in my mind is the young LT’s comment about the previous training being a powerpoint presentation… NOT a good way to train shiphandling in a combat environment.

In other news, I got on the elevator today with some twenty-somethings, one of whom looked like… well…

He had on a plaid dress shirt, with a tie that looked like a refugee from a 1970’s pair of Paisley drapes, a three or four day growth of beard, hair spiked up in the middle; and oh yeah, his shirt tail was out…

And he was saying to his buds, “Oh yeah, gotta look professional man…”

And saw an interesting minimalist Harley outside work today…

Harley 1 crop

Old school shorty pipes, wrapped with heat tape, mono paint etc…

BUT, then I looked more closely at the bars…

Harley 2 crop

A frikkin GPS??? Give me a break!!!

Speaking of minimalist… What is it with the women of ALL ages wearing short (And I DO mean short) shorts??? I’ve seen some this week that make Daisy Dukes look like long pants!!!

Once again, I think there should be a max size limit that they sell those in…  When Omar contracts to make the short shorts, they just ‘might’ not be appropriate!

In other news, apparently Dingy Harry has gone to teh Patent Office and got them to pull the trademark for the Redskins…  Article HERE.



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  1. Just tell me you’re not criticizing short-shorts in general?????

    I mean, I’m reasonably sure that 20 minutes after Levi Strauss introduced the “blue jean,” he had his true epiphany and said “You know, if we cut these short and put them on a hot girl….”

  2. I like that black Harley, but heat tape doesn’t last long, it burns through. My wife wrapped her pipes on Honda Ace and it lasted about 6 months before fabric got burned through.

    GPS does look weird on a bike – maybe the user is a courier who has many stops at unanticipated locations ?

  3. From having to dig for a pickup and cable and gear for the speedometer on the ’83 Shadow I bought, I can tell you that it’s way easier to find the new “digital” speedometers. With the lack of a speedo gauge I’d lean towards it being an aftermarket speedometer rather than a gps, and on that bike he may not have had much choice on going digital, either because money or because availability.

  4. We don’t see a lot of ‘short shorts’ here because of the cooler climate, but these women of all sizes wearing translucent yoga pants … there’s little to compare to a 5’0″, 350-lb gal in jeggings stretched so tight, it looks like she just spray-painted blue on the cellulite.

    Some things can’t be unseen. Eww.

  5. Ah yes, simulated warfare to go hand-in-hand with a fake commander in chief.

    Here in Arizona the short shorts are all the rage, mostly with the skinny teen set. I see it as a bad parenting issue.

  6. I like that Hardley (<=== not a typo, as in Hardley-Ableson). Except for the whitewalls. That's just WRONG.

  7. GPS display should not be bar mounted. It should be projected from inside motorcycle goggles (feature creep from VR). GPS receiver can be integrated into headlamp shell.

  8. Can’t wait to show the Harley to my Fat Boy riding son to see what he says.
    Lots of short shorts here as well, it isn’t pretty. Neither are the rhinestone studded jeans(Miss Me) when your rolls are covering the sparkle you are not look’n hot. What happened to sun dresses??? And to those older men walking around in a wife beater tank top and sandals with socks, it wasn’t good when you were 30, why in heck would you think it’s good at 60?

  9. Our co-op wore short shorts to work last week.
    I said it was not professional. Go home and change.
    He did.

  10. CT- Only the ones that come in 44 double-wide…

    j.r.- Possible, and haven’t been a fan of heat tape since the 60s…

    FG- Possibility I didn’t think of…

    LL- YOU would actually have a use… 😉

    Re- Ewww is right, unless it’s seeing the celluite WITHOUT covering…

    Eurpidies- Either that or the are sending the girls out trolling…

    WSF- Look at me??? I dunno either…

    Buck- LOL, good point!

    Thornharp- That would assume there IS a helmet involved…

    Dammit- Good points all!!!

    Gerry- Snerk… NOT going there!

  11. As my daughter once said to me – there are entirely too many people who are WAY too comfortable with their bodies.

    And those tight tops that show the midriff – the people wearing them tend to have way too much midriff.

  12. Nothing wrong with the short shorts if the girl looks good in them. But I did hear Larry The Cable Guy talk about the Hooters shorts. He said that if they get any shorter, the girls will have to wear hairnets.

  13. The whitewalls belong on the police cruiser of the Village People Cop – but so does the GPS or iPad or selfie-maker – whatever.

  14. I actually thought the simple small black display fit the uncluttered overall look of the bike.
    Given the lack of a speedo or tach, I assumed that was it’s purpose. Similar to the Trail Tech Vapor.
    But I wonder at it’s readability in direct sunlight.
    I never understood whitewalls.
    I think those distract from the bike more.

    • Ed- LOTS of things I didn’t understand on that bike… Kinda rat rod-ish… but not…

  15. Way back in the early ’90’s I was with a team at the navy school in Port Hueneme, CA, doing a job the navy didn’t want to do. Over in their “bone” yard they had an all-aluminum test platform that looked a lot like that thing. A little smaller, but close. Designed with the same idea or so I was told by the swbbies at the school. Get the seals in and out; fast, quiet, and under the radar. Built by Lockheed marine IIRC. Can you say, “Tomorrow Is Another Day”?

  16. emdlf- Yep, that was the ‘baby’ version of the current M-80… And you’re exactly right! 🙂