PSA for retired military…

If you’re retired military and/or have dependents with ID cards that have your SSN on it, beware…

Department of Defense ID card replacement

If you’re retired from the Armed Forces, listen up! On July 17th we drove aboard Charleston AFB about 11 A.M. to ‘check-in’ at the USAF ‘Inns of Charleston’. When I approached the gate and presented my retired ID card to the sentry there she swiped it through a reader and informed me that my ID card had been ‘terminated’ and could not be returned to me. I protested that it was an ‘indefinite’ expiration and had been accepted the week prior at Ft Gordon without any problems. Sorry ‘bout that! I was directed to make a U-turn and go back to the visitors building to get a temporary one-day pass. (My problem, not her’s.)

The problem seems to be that any ID card that has a Social Security number on it may/will be confiscated upon presentation leaving the bearer without military ID until they can get another card issued with a DoD control number vice an SSN. Had this been later at night when I came aboard, it would have been a real problem. As it was, I was directed to a building that issued ID cards and (because I had no appointment) sat for over an hour until they got around to me while my wife and grandson waited in the car.

The obvious effect is that all of your medical records, and other admin records, have your SSN, both military and civilian records. You need your military ID for Tricare medical care and for access to all military facilities. Both the retiree and their dependents will require new ID cards. To save some stress, you might consider this step. You can go to any Reserve or National Guard base that has access to DEERS and can produce new (service-specific) ID cards. Certainly, major military bases can do this but many require appointments or a long walk-in wait time. You must have at least two forms of picture ID with you (passport, driver license, VA medical card, carry-concealed ID, etc.).

Your card may be confiscated at the worst possible time (in an ER room for example) so this should be considered as an action item. Just trying to be helpful.

Semper Fidelis

Apparently the USAF has jumped squarely on the enforcement of this with no options for the service member (or dependents probably)…

We’ve all been told it was ‘coming’, but apparently the USAF has decided it’s here.  Guess I better go get a new ID card most skosh quickly…

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  1. It’ll probably catch up to me sooner or later, but mine is only used for getting discounts at Lowe’s, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro.

    The rest of the time, I try to forget about the service-related injuries & just keep on truckin’.

  2. Haven’t seen this out in Pearl Harbor. Go on base all the time with my retired ID (work on base).

  3. I just looked at my ID card and my SSAN is on there, not a “control number.” I haven’t had any problems getting into Cannon Airplane Patch and I go every week or so (the commissary and Class VI store really DO save ya money!). So, I don’t think it’s USAF in general, but prolly more like Charleston, specifically.

  4. Buck- That’s possible, but we ‘were’ told we’d be issued replacements… sigh… I’ve got an appointment scheduled for next week.

  5. Replaced mine year or so ago. Removed ssn, replaced with DoD ID Number on front and Benefits Number on back. Back is scanable which they do at the Miramar commissary.

  6. Jim & Gathered Eyeballs – FYI: I have a DD Form 2 (Retired) ID issued 2006JAN04. It has a Bar Code on the backside, an INDEFINITE expiration date, and my SSN on the front. The AF Security Police at Patrick AFB, FL Base Entrance Gates regularly check it, and electronically read/scan it with a handheld reader each time I enter the base. They compared what they see on the handheld reader against my ID Card, and I always get waved through. I do this multiple times per week. Additionally, the Obama “Mark Of The Beast” computer scan to permit me to check out at DeCA/Commissary reads and approves the ID Card with no hiccups. It is not clear to me what the Charleston AFB SPs did to you at the Gate, and why, or if the SSN “Story” they gave you is truly valid/true. We need to run this one to ground. Lock & Load… Keep The Faith.

  7. SoCal/Navy Davy- Thanks, I was wondering how much of a PITA this was going to be.

    Joe- Understood, and I do have to wonder why this/why now???

  8. When I turned 65, I had to get a new retired ID card because of the change to Medicare being my primary med insurance and Tricare for life being secondary. I also had to show the Medicare card before they would sign me up for Tricare for Life. The new card has a DOD number on it enstead of SSN.

  9. Anybody know if they’re doing this to AD members and families as well? We’ve been living in civilian land for a year and I don’t want any nasty surprises at Spock’s new duty station.

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  11. Bob- Good point…

    Rick- You’re welcome to.

    JMI- Not sure, but I’m sure its coming to y’all too…

  12. Thanks for the heads up on the Charleston AFB. Haven’t been there in a while but I made an appointment at the Weapons Station and will get a new one before they have a problem with the old one. I shop at Menriv Commissary and Exchange frquently and have not had a problem. Bubblehead retired in 1996.