Pick a pair…

You have 5 minutes…

The safe is open, the roads are blocked and you’re going to be walking…

For miles… Just you, your BOB (50ish lbs without ammo), and whatever you pick out of the safe…

Which pair do you pick?

Savage .22 and Ruger .22

Savage Ruger 22sM-1 Carbine and .45M1 carbine 1911M4 and Glock 26M4 G26Model 94 and Python94 PythonSCAR 17 and Glock 17SCAR GlockAnd grab a knife too…knivesI’m curious, what would you choose and why???

I’ll post my answer in comments later today…


Pick a pair… — 64 Comments

  1. None of the above, thank you. If pressed, the .22 pair plus a tanto blade. I’d much rather a 7.62 NATO/.308 and a.45 (preferably 1911-type, but whatever), or a .357 LA and the Python. Can I get a khurkuri (Ghurka knife) instead of those? 🙂

  2. MSgt B- LOL, yep ‘knew’ that was coming…

    Craig- I did think about pairing the SCAR with a .45… And I don’t have a khurkuri, if I did, that would have been an option.

    • We need to fix that lack, sir. 🙂 They are just so versatile. Plus, I had one (from the Burma Theater, mind you, with the buffalo hide sheath and the two stoning/caping blades) since I was five years old so bonus points for nostalgia/familiarity.

      Iffin the 94 had been in .357, I’d have grabbed the Python pairing without a second thought.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    I would go with the model 94 and the python. I am sure that model 94 has dropped many deer in its day. It is easy to carry, pack, and less likely to draw attention. And if you draw the wrong kind of attention, most likely you can collect the former assailants AR type rifles and their ammo;). Also grab a good working knife, if the bayonet has a good edge, grab it or the tanto. nothing fancy..something that can hold the abuse.

    Just my opinion

  4. Confound you ! :^)

    Durn, I’d vote for .45 handgun and .22 rifle but it appears it isn’t a choice here … pass on the 5.56mm rifles, the handiest carrying major rifle there is the lever 30-30, but the .30 carbine is even HANDIER … bugging out, you aren’t hunting so much as gettin’ where you gotta be pronto so the rimfire rifle does have some advantages for quiet and lightweight ammo … but I’m sticking with the carbine and 1911 I think. For now.

    The knife – the 2nd from right seems the most versatile.

  5. My choices would be the M4 and Glock 26. Well actually from my own safe would be my Glock 26 and my .223 AR rifle. Reasons are simple. Less weight for rifle & ammunition, 9mm weighs 1/2 that of .45acp, and the same for the .223 vs .308. Magazines of higher capacity plus commonly found ammo. My AR is good to 600 yds with 69 gr Sierra bullets and the excellent optics on it.
    The M1 carbine is handy and light, but poor long range performance is lacking. 1911 is excellent, but weight & low mag capacity limits it. Scar is ugly, the Python far too precious, .22s too weak. My only nod to tradition would be the USN sheath knife issued to my dad in 1942 which he loaned to me for my stay in Vietnam.
    Finally my trusted every day companion, a Swiss Army pocket knife “Don’t leave home without it”.

  6. M-4 and 1911. It is what I have and have practiced with for just this situation. It’s what I have the ammo for in all the right quantities already packed. And I’d go with the tanto blade. The one I have is an autofolder.

    By my m-4 would not have all that extra weight tied to it.

  7. Any of your choices would be fine. It is the man (or woman) carrying the tool that makes the difference.

    And then there are miles and there are MILES. Do you mean “walk from work back home”, say 15 miles. I don’t know if I could make that walk with a 50 pound pack in one day. Throw some more weight on my belt and slung from my shoulder and you are talking a nightmare.

    Or do you mean walk from Eaton Rapids, Michigan to the middle of Red-State Missouri. In the second case I unhesitatingly vote for the .22s.

    Another consideration, am I walking alone? If so, then I will lose almost any surprise fire-fight I walk into regardless of weapon. If I am traveling with a party then a complement of weapons becomes a possibility….somebody else can carry the heavy, long range stuff.

    For the knives I would cheat and double up. Gimme the tanto and the mini-machete.

  8. Ill take the .22s and all the ammo i can carry since i see both are threaded . As far as knives , ill stick to my folder to handle game with as i know your cheap tactical trash dull fast on hair 😀 .

  9. M4 and G26
    Have both and am very familiar with both platforms, good ammo load to weight.

    If they gave style points, it would be the 94 and Python.

  10. I would have to go with the M1 Carbine and the .45. I am most familiar with those platforms.

  11. *SIGH* choices choices…Such a hard decision for a Monday Morning and a little bit of coffee.. But I would have to say, my AR-15 and my Glock 26. But somewhere hidden I would stash my Judge. And Senior bought me a knife, so I would have that pocketed.

  12. I’ll take the M1 and 1911. I actually have them, so I have cleaning kits and more ammunition than I will want to carry. They’re also not as likely to draw unwanted attention as the ‘tacticool’ choices.
    I’ll go for the big bowie knife, it can double as a camp hatchet.
    The pack gets a ride on my bicycle. Why heft when you can roll?

  13. I have a weakness for the classics, so I’d go with the Model 94 and the Python. After all, there are reasons they are classics. That said, my personal preference is for a long gun and hand gun that share the same ammo, for simplicity’s sake. I’ve got a Marlin 1894 chambered in 357 Mag/.38 to go with several revolvers. Not ideal on either end, but a reasonable compromise and common enough ammo that I should be able to scavenge some if needed.

    As for a knife, IMO it’s hard to beat a Ka-Bar.

    Good post – made me think.

  14. I’d go with the M4 combo & the 2nd knife from the left. Weight & portability of ammo.

    They’d get me home to a better rifle & my 1911. 🙂

  15. Is it the SCAR 17 light or the SCAR 17 heavy? It makes a difference to me. Since you didn’t define my options, I’ll take the SCAR 17-H and the Glock 17.

    I am NOT fond of the Glock 17 at all principally because of the cartridge. I guess it would be fine as a point defense weapon. It does have a good magazine capacity.

    The types of ammo available for each of the weapon groups above matters too and would sway me based on general lethality and quantity available.

    The other thing that you didn’t mention is magazines/speed loaders and that does bear on my choices as well.

    Third knife from the left.

  16. M4 and Glock 26. Logistics would be better, since I could Restock off of “Battlefield Pickups”. In 2014, 9mm and 5.56 are much more likely to be found than .30 Carbine or .30-.30 while “Scrounging.” Saves a few pounds, and the “Baby Glock” can be concealed easier. Plus, unless I run into a Stray Lion or Moose or Grizzly, there’s enough Ammo per Gun to handle most Four Legged Critters, yet I could still use the M4 to get some Game Meat. But I’d carry bigger Glock Magazines, “Just in Case.” And a couple of Knives also.

    Plus a Hatchet.

  17. Some ‘interesting’ pairings and choices made, and reasoning for those choices. As old, tired and broken as I am, not sure I would even attempt (or be able to complete!) a major hike with a 50lb pack. If forced to choose, I’d probably opt for the ’94 (provided it is .38/.357) and the Python – that ‘shared’ ammo concept is probably as good a rationale for choice as anything. BTW, I’d include an AR7 (or break down 10-22) as part of that 50lb.

    OTB MCPO sends………

  18. M4, glock, big knife.

    BTDT with those guns, so familiarity wins out. Also easy to scrounge ammo, like some of the others mentioned.

  19. All- WOW, thanks for the inputs… For the record, I’d go with the 94 and the Python- “My” Rationale, I know those guns intimately, and I’m probably quicker at snap shooting those than anything else…For knives, I’d take both the Bowie and the one next to it. Plus my EDC Benchmade. I’ll answer the comments later, running back into the meeting from hell…

  20. Moot point for us as we are not humping anywhere.
    The SCAR 17 and 1911 with a K Bar will keep the wolves back for awhile.

  21. The Sarah Connor in me would go for the SCAR 17 and Glock 17, and the big knife. If I’m walking, the strap would be useful, plus they’re black and would go with the outfit I’m wearing today.

  22. Carbine and .45 with my Rat3, cause thats what i’m comfortable with…

  23. My choice would be the SCAR 17, the Glock, & the third knife from the left. BOB’s batteries don’t weight that much so I would certainly carry extra ammo.

  24. Probably go with the ’94 and the Python. In my world it would be a ’94 saddle carbine in .45 LC and a .45 SA revolver. Reasoning would be that if we are at “that stage” – I’m probably going to be casting my own bullets down the road. I’d make sure there was a couple pounds of powder, a hand loader and a couple thousand primers as part of my BOB. Kinda speaks volumes about caches scattered about . . . Good question Jim! Knife would be my folder and my trusty AF survival knife.

  25. M1 Carbine and 1911.
    Why? They (and the M1 Rifle) are what got assorted uncles and father-in-law Joe through WWII and my Dad through Korea and 2 tours of ‘Nam. You don’t mess with success.
    Knife? Third from left. Most versatile.

    Second choice would be the M94 and Python.
    Why? PYTHON!! Sheesh.

    From my own safe: Full size AR rifle and 1911. And my kukri. Second choice would be my M94 and New Vaquero in .45LC. Still gonna stay with the kukri.

  26. I’d have to go with the M94/Python combo and the Cold Steel bowie. Hopefully in the same .357 chambering. Not only ammo commonality, but you don’t need to carry extra mags or equipment that the other weapons require to function. Keep it simple.

  27. My gut instinct is the model 94 and the Python, and probably the Bowie just for plain old reliability. If the SHTF, who your enemies are likely to be would make a bit of a difference, as scavenging ammo might become important in a longer duration scenario, so it might be a good idea to go with something 9mm and .223. If you gotta carry a long ways, then you’d want to go with the lightest possible combo (probably .22, eh?) If it’s just a fantasy ZA, anyway, then go with the coolest looking bada** combo, the SCAR and Glock, probably still the Bowie.
    If it comes down to what I have on hand, I’m going with my M1A and my .40 XD and the hunting knife that’s already in the BOB.

  28. An M-1 Carbine with a magazine will outperform any of the others without magazines.

    … and the .45 because it’s a .45

  29. Model 94 and Python
    The Model 94 would be easy to carry and would not draw much attention. The Python I have used one in the past.Bowie is a versatile knife.

  30. M-4orgery and the Glock 26. 9mm and 5.56mm will allow to harvest plent of lead from dead Feds.

    I’d take the carbine bayonet, with the reasoning that if it my house/safe that would be an old M-7 that fits on my XM-15. 🙂

    Close runner up would be the Model 94 and Python. Did they ever chamber a Model 94 in .38 Spl/.357 Mag?

    If so, that might actually go to first choice.

  31. SPEMack, FWIW, my Nephew is protecting his Family in Kalifornia this second with a Rossi Lever Gun that I believe is a copy of the Winnie 92 and a Smith 28, so is that Close Enough for Gooberment Work?

    Trust me, if I ever get Trapped behind Enemy Lines in a VolksRepublik, that’s how I plan to roll. Plus a Twelve Gauge Pump, probably a Remmie 870.

  32. Les, you can bet if the choice of a Rossi/Henry/Marlin insert lever gun mfg of your choice and a Ruger revolver of any sort in .45 Colt was proffered, that would have been my choice.

    Shoot, in the “real world” the Bushmaster and it’s Colt buddy reside in the safe, as does my baby Glock.

    Normal home defense is handled by an Ithaca M37 loaded with No.4 buck and my edc -1991A1. (I shoot lefty)

    The lady friend keeps my/her/ours (eye roll) Model 10 police trade in as her bed side gun.

  33. I could give a reason for taking any pair, as most here have.
    Dumbest reason? I always wanted a 94 and a Python and would finally look cool holding them.

  34. Wow, I didn’t think I’d get this large a response… Thanks to all, and many varied thoughts and picks… No, the 94 is not in .357, it’s a 30-30. Again ‘my’ logic, it’s roughly 60 miles to one of my ‘safe’ locations, but an intermediate stop is about 40 miles (two days to there), so I was figuring three days (Hey, I ain’t 21 anymore)… I know both of those locations have ammo and my thought was 100 rounds of each, which would make the loadout roughly 60 lbs. Three days of food and water, and I’d be back down to around 50 lbs. Another reason for the choices, was to be ‘less’ threatening… Again, these are ‘my’ options. As I said earlier, I know both those rifles well, and I’m a pretty good snap shot with either of them. I wouldn’t be planning on having to shoot my way out of anything, if I’m that late, screw it… I’d do like McThag and just hole up. The second option (again ‘my’ choice) would be the two .22s with supressor… 😀 YMMV, and no I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night either… 😛

  35. SCAR 17 and Glock 17….ubiquity of ammo and the 2nd fm left knife (Tanto?) looks….effective. My own load not quite so good…Mosin Nagant, S&W SD9 and no name sheath knife….it’s what I have.

  36. Differ- If it works for ya, THAT is what counts… This is kind of an offshoot from part of what we were talking about at the blogmeet…

  37. Model 94 and the Python. Fairly lightweight all things considered, easier for a gal to haul a ways, and reliable as all get out. Plus a Python in your face does get one’s attention.

  38. Lightweight choice:

    My Marlin 1894 and my wife’s Smith & Wesson TRR-8, both in 357

    Next choice:

    My scoped Marlin 336 in 30-30 and my Kimber 1911

    If the wife is going with me, all of the above.

  39. I’d really have to say “None of the above”.

    I’d go with a .22 rifle and a 1911.

    Alternatively, a lever action .357 and a matching revolver.

  40. TOO MANY CHOICES!!!! It’s hard to argue with your logic. The 94/Python combo is very light and yet effective plus your familiarity with them definitely tips the scales in their favor for you. If a person isn’t expecting much in the way of organized resistance this would probably be a smart choice.

    IF things are REALLY BAD: I’d be tempted to go with the M4/G26 combo as ammo resupply can be had at most any check point….. one way or another….

    I’d be most likely to pick the SCAR/G17 combo as I unfortunately have familiarity with Glocks and I really want the added THUMP of the 308. I’ll take the weight penalty for the horsepower.

    I think it depends on the area and just what “S” hit which “fan”. Is it a natural disaster, the grid is down and you are just trying to get out before things get worse, OR have the Zombies already started shambling and organizing all over town. I think that would make a difference in load out choice. And if you have any large, dangerous native animals that could also figure in. Although your 30-30 will do just about anything a 308 will do.

  41. Gimme the 17s and the tanto. I’m still young enough and strong enough to pack the weight. Ammo resupply should be an issue. Plus, there’s not much a good battle rifle can’t do.

  42. I actually got mad enough with an M1 carbine once to learn all I could about accurizing them. With softnose ammo it can be plenty capable and accurate enough for the purpose. A lawman using that combo once wrote that he never had to shoot anybody twice.
    And of course, a 1911. They make other pistols for social work? Who knew?

    My guiding principle on such a hike would be to avoid attention as far as possible, and with weight considerations and me being a few years past my best use-by date, I’d go with that pair, and the lightest fixed blade available. I don’t hike the AT anymore, but I quit carrying large blades a long time back. You can do just as much with any blade thick enough to batten with.

    I’ve got a 92 in .357, I like it but prefer the carbine’s peep sight.

  43. Something that uses ammo that will be more readily available from police or military stockpiles. Therefore, something that shoots 7.62 and 9mm.

  44. The Winchester 94 and the Python.
    Assuming it’s a walk through the streets and it hasn’t gone full-on Zombie Apocalypse yet, there are people who are normal and the Win94 doesn’t look scary, yet it packs a 30-caliber bullet and plenty of extras without a long protruding magazine in a slim and easy to carry rifle.
    The Python, well, sure it’s not high capacity but I’m not planning on fighting a war, and if 6 357’s can’t get me out of trouble plus reloads I am screwed anyway.

    Actually I’d rather carry a Sig P220 with the Win 94 if I had my perfect combo.

  45. drjim- Those work too! 🙂

    B- Understood, and I know why! 🙂

    Rick- Good points all, and agreed!

    TK- Envy… LOL

    LL- Yep, even if it IS 50 years old…

    ORT- Good point too! For me, I know the 94 and Python better, but I agree with your thought!

    PE- Can’t fault your choice!

    Evan- Another good point!

  46. the Model 94 and Python. Simple, and effective. Not much to go wrong with either, and powerful enough to do the job.

  47. Old NFO, do remember Kim Du Toit’s time travel challenge?
    And I’d go with the 94/Python, Trailmaster Bowie and a multitool.

  48. I can carry a 50 pound backpack, but my knees would soon cause trouble, and I figure that’s true for many folks commenting here. The military is hard on knees.
    My solution is a cheap mountain bicycle with baskets on the back. Strap my backpack on top of the baskets with a couple bungie cords, carry only a combat harness on me. You can carry a lot of weight on a bicycle while walking beside it, and it can go most places that you can. This worked for the Viet Cong and millions of Chinese, I’m not too proud to learn from them. A game cart can hold more, but would draw more attention and you can’t ride it. YMMV

  49. Frank- Yep! 🙂

    Jack- I do, hadn’t thought about that in a while…

    Tweell- Excellent point, and a couple of folks brought that up in emails… But I don’t have one… Stupidity on my part.

  50. Just to play, I would take the first offering in 22LR, but you have to get some more ammunition. Of the knives I like the second from the left. But to tell you the truth, almost all your audience has made their choice years ago, and don’t tweak it much. But you knew that.

  51. Late to the party because work got in the way, but my choice would be the 94 and Python. he rifle is light and fast to bring to bear, and the .30-30 round is a pretty fair match for the 7.62x39mm round ballisticly. Ammo may be found along the way in many sporting goods stores as yet un-looted, and the Python, being .357 Magnum, can almost double as a carbine at closer ranges. Time-tested weapons that are intuitive to run and simple to operate and maintain. Tough to beat that combination.

    I do love your SCAR though. Of course I love my M-60 too, but in a crisis, running out my door, I’d be stopping just long enough to permanently disable it before leaving it behind because it’s too heavy for me to take and too dangerous to leave it to fall into someone else’s hands. I have thought about this and I do have a plan for weapons and ammo that I may be forced to abandon. It’s not a pretty plan but it ensures that no one else gets that stuff after I pull out.

  52. Earl- You’re probably right, but I wanted to see what people would say. Just never expected the response!!! 🙂

    Mrph- Understood and agreed!

    drjim- LOL

  53. A variation of your Model 94 and Python: The Marlin 1894 in .357 and a Ruger GP100. I might just leave the pistol behind.

    The lever is rugged, light, accurate fast and handy. And after years of Cowboy Action Shooting, I can hit what I’m aiming at. Both firearms are stout and stone axe simple to keep running.

  54. Since I don’t have the Postal Meter carbine anymore and my right knee is seemingly shot so walking is not really a good option, it would be the brace of .22’s and hoping I could get far-away enough from the Sand Fire that was boiling up down the road last week…