Patient Zero…

Is here…

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has the first Ebola case in the wild in the US…

From WHO

  • Outbreak containment measures including prompt and safe burial of the dead, identifying people who may have been in contact with someone infected with Ebola, monitoring the health of contacts for 21 days, the importance of separating the healthy from the sick to prevent further spread, the importance of good hygiene and maintaining a clean environment.


How many people did he come in contact with?  Where did he go?

7-11??? Target???  Wally World??? The corner grocery store???

Are they really going to be able to track ALL those people in the highly mobile society we live in today???

You tell me…

I had October in the pool… dammit…


Patient Zero… — 14 Comments

  1. Let’s say that he came here on a commercial airliner. How many others were on that airliner, who are they, and where did they go? Who have they been in contact with since then? And then let’s talk about those people.

    Looks like the genie is out of the bottle. Time to dust off my copy of The Stand again.

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  3. Out of the bottle yes.
    We have been focused on this for awhile. Was only a matter of time with our lax policies.

  4. Oh, great, you won the pool…

    I think that I’ll go to the bug-out location (compound) and shoot anything that looks the least bit like a zombie in the head. Inner city people all look dangerously like zombies to me.

  5. In my reading facebook, the lack of concern from some of my friends is crazy. They think anyone who thinks it will spread here is over reactive . I am flying Thursday, trust me I am not looking forwArd to it

  6. Yeah, this is pretty scary. I know they say that Ebola is not contagious until they begin exhibiting symptoms, but exactly when does THAT occur ?

    I think airlines are going to need to consider quarantining anyone traveling from overseas for at least 48 hours, at least anyone flying directly from Africa.

    As a blogger wrote this morning, be a good idea to stock up on hand cleanser and other cleaning / disinfecting supplies, I’m sure supplies are going to dry up quickly.

  7. The CDC would have you think that ebola can be contained using minimal procedures. They tell you that it is hard to transmit and easy to kill. If this is true, why does USAMRID only handle this virus in a Level 4 biological lab? “The Hot Zone” should be required reading for all news people covering this story.

    Ebola is a virus, therefore, anti bacterial hand cleaners won’t touch it. The disinfectant spray you see being used in Africa is a bleach solution. It’s cheap but it is highly caustic and probably not something you want to wash your hands in everyday.

  8. Murph- Yeah… CDC’s comments not withstanding the cold light of reality…

    BN- Can’t disagree… dammit…

    LL- No I didn’t… I had Oct. But I hear what you’re sayin…

    lisa- You’re right, them… not so much. Fly safe!

    j.r.- Agreed! We did that last month.

    PE- You’re right… And CDC is feeding pablum to the masses… Can’t have the peons getting upset you know.

  9. The CDC spin on all this, is equivalent to Obama saying Iran is a tiny insignificant country.

    I told Senior this seems like life imitating art..the movie “Outbreak” comes to mind

  10. And what is going to happen when the government starts putting people in quarantine? How will they control/house/feed/provide medical care for all those people? Will force be necessary? What about civil rights? Patient Zero had a layover in Brussels and Dulles. Are they going to track all those people down and quarantine them? They don’t have the resources. This could be bad, folks.