The Grey Man- Payback…

Thanks to all of you that have purchased book two in the series!  Thanks also to Momma Fargo for identifying an issue with Amazon, as the paperback and kindle weren’t properly linked, but I’m working on it. Hopefully will have that sorted out this week.

Dead tree books have been ordered and hopefully will be here today (hoping for yesterday but they didn’t make it).  I’ll get the copies out to the alpha and beta readers as soon as I can, along with those that have requested signed copies.


For those who contributed to the KTKC fund raiser, I’ve ordered books for y’all and hope to have them out in two weeks.  Mea culpa for not having them on hand… I honestly didn’t think that many of you wanted copies.

I also want to thank those of you who’ve taken the time to comment via email on Payback.  I do appreciate the feedback, the constructive criticism, and yes, there is a third book in the works.  And no, it won’t be out before Christmas… Sorry…

To those who caught the ‘easter egg’ on the cover, that was Mrs. Garceau‘s idea, and she executed it flawlessly! 🙂

Now back to the salt mines… er… writing…

Oh yeah, and the first book just went to four figures in sales!  Thank you, thank you!!!


The Grey Man- Payback… — 23 Comments

  1. Congratulations! Your second one is moving along nicely with great reviews. I will look for it to hit the bestseller list.

  2. Old NFO is headed for literary fame, adding it to his many other accomplishments. BZ on “Payback”. Another success and notch in your pistol grip.

  3. Joe- Thanks! And thanks for the help!

    Fargo- LOL, I wish…

    LL- Taking your advice, thank you!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out and congratulations on the sales of the first book, that’s tremendous! I’m confident that “Payback” will do jus as well.

  5. Both books are excellently done, with style and composition I’d expect from a far more experienced author.


  6. Amazon says mine will be here today, wooohooo. No idea why I didn’t think of a signed copy. Next time.

  7. Warlock- I’m writin’, I’m writin’…:-)

    Mrs.C- Well deserved on your part.

    Rev- Thanks!

    Randy- We can do that.

  8. Hello. New to the site and my first post. Just bought the first book; am reading and enjoying it; and will buy the second one when I finish it.

    Guessing from your banner picture that you were an Orion driver. One of my cousins is married to a retired Naval Aviator who was.

    • Ghost Rider- Thanks, and glad you’re enjoying it! Actually I was an NFO, I told the drivers where to go… Sometimes even politely… 🙂

      • Ah. “NFO” is not an acronym I ever encountered in the AF, but from your response, I’m guessing “N” is for “Navigator”.

  9. Well done, indeed. I still think that it’s remarkable — or is it? — how accurately you’ve drawn a picture of John. Even to some aspects of how he copes with things, which to me at least are in the category of either you’ve been there and done that or at least been awfully close to it, or couldn’t possibly really understand… dol

  10. Seriously? You write some engaging and exciting stories that blew time and money on character development (and it shows) and you DIDN’T expect the KTKC folks wouldn’t want a copy for their bookshelves, deer stands (for the times they are hidin), tackle boxes (for when they ain’t bitin), or lunchboxes (when they ain’t workin).

  11. I grew up in west Texas in the 50’s. You have captured the sprit of the men and women in that area as I remember it. There is a story of Lone Wolf Gonzalez being refused service (for coffee jn Fort Stockton shootin a hole in the coffee urn and serving himself.
    Your books have brought back many memories of some very fine and strong men and women.

  12. Ian- Thanks! Those were the folks I grew up with… My ‘experiences’ are in a different environment, but the thought patterns transfer.

    Joe- I’m surprised…LOL I thought everybody that wanted one had it…

    Fred- Thank you, that is a great compliment, and it means I got it pretty much right!!!

  13. Finished your second book yesterday. The characters remind me of the Texans with whom I grew up. Great story and I’m looking forward to more….

  14. Got the Kindle version the other day. I’ll be reading it this weekend. Thankee for writing it Sir.

  15. I was surprised to see that Amazon picked out a line from the middle of my review to highlight on the book page. That’s attention to detail, there.
    I wasn’t kidding about thinking your book series would translate very well to the big or little screen. Maybe you could send copies to Tom Selleck? Getting the attention of the Hollywood types can be difficult, I hear, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.