Ummm… Err…

I think this would come under the heading of ‘conflicted’…

It’s purple with sparkles…


Glock purpleSooo… Would ‘you’ carry something like this???

Ladies??? (No, I’m NOT going there, I know better)



Ummm… Err… — 39 Comments

  1. Looks like someone has been spending a little too much time in the crafts department at Michael’s. You start scrapbooking and I’m outta here!

  2. Well, I wouldn’t carry it because it is a Glock.
    The lady friend wouldn’t carry it because she depises purple

  3. If the invading hoards of zombies were approaching I would. Otherwise, no! Well… if I were going to a well dressed ball in midtown Atlanta or San Francisco, maybe.

  4. It’s a Glock, so no.
    The only one I ever really liked was a dealer sample
    converted Mod 34 with the FA switch.
    That made sense to me for some reason.
    Also more fun to shoot than other Glocks I’d tried.

  5. Only as a last resort (it’s a Glock), after the application of some flat black spray paint to cure the hideous.

  6. Nope. I don’t have the aversion to Glocks that some do, but purple is right out. Now, if it were black with dark gray skulls, …..

  7. the color doesn’t bother me overmuch. the pattern does. and the brand bothers me most of all.

  8. Carrying a gun like that pretty much guarantees you won’t brandish it for trivial reason.

    Another upside is that the bad guy will be laughing so hard he might forget to pull his trigger.

    Pink guns and purple guns are not bad. They ensure that you carry them in DEEP concealment.

    Just sayin’


  9. It’s a Glock, so it’ll still work even tarted up like that. Maybe it’s for the niche Halloween carry market. Too purple and sparkly for my taste by far.

    It also answers the question: “What gun for an attack by Barney?”

  10. Girlie Bear was oggling the Pavona 9mm’s at NRA this spring. Kind of the same shiny, purpley kind of thing. Not my cup of tea, but if it floats your boat, who am I to judge?

  11. I’m bleeding from my eyes. THANKS A LOT. People will think that I have ebola and shoot me.

    • LL, as long as they don’t shoot you with that particular weapon. Try explaining THAT to St. Peter.

  12. The best-looking gun is the one you have with you.

  13. It’s not my cup of tea. Skulls aren’t my thing and the purple is ugly. And yeah, I’m female.

  14. Only if something needed killing and I needed a throw away gun. I start reading your books tomorrow I hope. That is what Amazon says anway.

  15. Hell yeah! And Duh! Where do I pick that snazzy thing up at and how much? I’ve been looking for a good gun artist around here but no tomato so far.

  16. Well, it is too pastely for me,I am more of a greens and blacks kind of girl. I don’t mind the skulls, just not so blingy looking.

  17. I’ll bet that Excels at Nothing would wear it proudly!
    Me, not so much. Unless it had a “happy switch”. Anything for a happy switch

  18. Um…I love purple. Glocks are solid and servicable. But unless you sell it to me for $1.50 I ain’t carrying it.

  19. I would take it if it was free. I know where to find paint to cover the atrocious purple. It would be better if it wasn’t a Glock.

    Now don’t go playing any really mean jokes on any man who unfortunately might be color blind by giving him that awful thing, because all that he would see would be the skulls.

    Hubby likes your first book. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, because he keeps re-reading it.

  20. She( who is in the next room) wouldn’t even pick it up if it was free.
    Now if it said Prada on it somewhere….

  21. I would have to get an outfit just to go with that. Something with straps of black leather and shiny chromed buckles that still wouldn’t keep me warm due to all the cleavage and such showing. And get a purple wig that complements the gun.

    And then I’d wear it to a comic con, and people would ask me what character I was dressed as… and the door guards would never think to scold me for bringing a live weapon on the grounds, because surely anything that looks like that is a decorative ornament to some game designer’s bad taste…

  22. 34 comments and no one has asked why the slide is not all the way forward? No, I would not carry it because it is broken/jammed/out of battery.

  23. I DO NOT like firearms painted / powder-coated to look like toys – I no longer have small children running around, but when I see such as this, my concern is that children, in our “liberally-educated” society will see them and decide they are TOYS.
    Hot pink is my favorite color, but I would no more paint my baby Bersa / Springfield XD / Bersa .40 / Ms. Mossberg pink / purple / blue / green / whatever than the man in the moon.
    I DO like the iridescence utilized on some firearms, but question how helpful the pretty colors would be, were the need arise to USE the gun ………………
    Semper Fi’