WWII Poster

This one is a ‘generic’ recruiting poster, not just military, but was a lead up to the victory bonds, and the other material drives…

WWII flag poster

Interestingly, the quote used is actually from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address…  I have seen a slightly different version, with Roosevelt’s day of infamy quote, but I can’t find it…


WWII Poster — 10 Comments

  1. The two recruiting posters that motivated me most, Join the Navy and see the world, and Join the Navy and learn a trade. The Navy upheld their end of the deal in both cases.

    I was born beneath that forty eight star flag. Any of your readers born beneath the forty nine star flag? According to the internet,the changed flag is officially flow on the fourth of July. So a cursory research shows 04JUL59-04JUL60.

    Now would be the time for Vexillologists to weigh in.

    John in Philly

  2. These are very interesting and sure have changed over the years. One of my old deputy chiefs was the poster child on a Marine campaign for a bout in the 70’s. They all have great marketing because I feel empowered to join after reading one.

  3. John in Philly inspired me to check I was born under the flag with 48 stars.
    Great poster.

  4. Jim, if you are at blogorado I am sooo jealous.
    Tell the kool kids hi, and drink a coupla Nerd beers for us.