The Grey Man- update…

Thank you to all who’ve put down hard earned $$ to buy my book!!!


For those who asked for signed copies, those should go out today.

Also, all those who donated to KTKC your books went out yesterday! 🙂

I would appreciate it if you’d post an honest review on Amazon if you have time.

The sale is over on The Grey Man- Vignettes, it’s going to $2.99 for the duration.  If you know anybody that wants one, they can go to my author page HERE.

Thanks again, especially to those who’ve graciously linked and posted on the book!!!  And yes, I am working on #3 in the series…



The Grey Man- update… — 17 Comments

  1. You are welcome. I can’t wait to get my copies of them, I have never heard any disappointing feedback, more the opposite really. If my memory serves, (have to throw that out there lol), I really enjoyed your sample chapters from some months ago.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I have to throw a check in the mail for 2 copies of your book, I have been super busy and havn’t had time…My bad:( I will rectify this situation this weekend.
    Will there be a 3rd book?

  3. Hurry up man! Some of us were half way expecting to take it into the field with us this weekend. lol

  4. Finished it last night. Excellent book, and yes, I know/knew several people you could have used for the various roles. They would have been proud to have participated.

  5. I’m nearly finished. I’m kinda rationing my reading, so I can savor the book, kind of like a fine single malt scotch!!

  6. I got my copy on Kendal, but I have a magic marker for when I see you again. I’ll pull it up and you can sign it then.

  7. j.r.- Hope I can live up to that!

    Bob- Working on it…

    SPE- Yours ‘should’ be there…

    Juvat- Thanks! I appreciate that very much!!!

    Randy/WSF- Thanks!

    Woody/Dammit- LOL… Most of the cussing I’ve been getting are the folks that read it in one sitting…

    Skip- Will do as soon as I get back stateside!

    CP- LOL…

  8. Got the Kindle version of Payback.
    I was going to save it to read on the plane.
    I didn’t, and it’s all your fault.

  9. Just got mine today.

    Which means “Rogue’s Gallery” by Michael Gross goes on the pend stack. It was slow to develop and mostly minutae anyway.

    Looking forward to reading these.

  10. Hey Old NFO,

    I tried to throw a check in the mail for you for 2 books, and I cannot find your address. Please email me the addy. I have the checkbook with me.


    Bob the slow