WWII Poster…

Back on track, and we’re back with the Army.

This one is different, in that it’s a picture of a Sergeant ‘leading’ troops over the top.

WWII Army 2

He’s carrying a Garand, with an M1905 bayonet, and it looks like probably mid-war period items. I’m not an expert on the equipment, so I could be wrong.

This was done by the Army¬†Recruiting Publicity Bureau, and I can’t find much more information than that.


WWII Poster… — 5 Comments

  1. I like the old “T” stripes… MUCH better than the “specialists” of today.

    • Mid 1960’s, Spec 5 was a bastard rank. Same duties as a three stripe sergeant without the authority. My late father was a T5 in WW II.