I’m Old NFO and I’m an ammoholic…

I have this craving for ammo…

Ammo office

And I like to have it readily available…


But I can quit anytime…

ammo closet

I ‘like’ to have ready ammo, just in case…

But I can quit any time. Really I can…

I just have to stop going to gun stores, and WallyWorld, and shopping online, and…

Oh, a deal on .22 bricks? I’ll be right there!


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  1. You might be an ammoholic if:

    When a couple of years ago in Cabelas we were looking at .22 LR on sale. The sale was a couple of thousand rounds in a plastic ammo can. She looks up at me and says we could both carry two cans. And we did.

    When the instructor at a NRA course said that you should keep all of your ammo in the gun safe I thought I was going to burst out laughing so I left the room for a few moments.

    When any of your coworkers knew that your answer to the question of going halfies on a five hundred or thousand round purchase of ammo is going to be yes.

    When you look at the photos of the “arsenal” seized in a drug bust and you think where is the rest of the ammo.

    And so many other symptoms.

    Thank you for giving me another big smile start of the day.

    John in Philly

    (I tend to be OCD only in a narrow range, so the boxes of ammo upside down didn’t bug me. But in the lower photo the middle box being askew would make me a little nuts.)

  2. I am surprised how long the ammunition drought in rimfire has been. I think a lot of shooters have learned a lesson and are stocking up just in case the drought occurs again.

  3. Just for grins the other day, I did an ammo count. Now, I realize I don’t have near as much as some, but I NEVER thought I’d have to hoard ammo in my lifetime. The count came up just shy of 17k.

  4. I’m jealous.
    I don’t have much, but, I’m Jonesing.

    I probably need to join your group!


  5. A Bush was president the last time I bought ammo in a quantity under 1k. An older Bush.

    See you at group!

  6. I have that much UPSTAIRS

    You don’t wanna know how much is sealed up for long term storage in the basement….

    I can quit anytime. I can. Seriously. Anytime now. or at least soon.

    When is the next meeting?

  7. They have a word for that…it’s called “hoarder”. Never can have enough, right?

  8. I haven’t done a count recently but my girlfriend thinks I’m well stocked for Armageddon. Btw, I know from experience that that Closetmaid shelving won’t stand much weight. Might want to move that .308.

  9. I haven’t done a count recently but my girlfriend thinks I’m well stocked for Armageddon. Btw, I know from experience that that Closetmaid shelving won’t stand much weight. You might want to move that .308.

  10. When I moved home for a few months after moving out of the Fraternity house, my sister routinely tripped over ammo cans I had laying about in the hall way. I was amazed at how much ammo I had accumulated over *mumble mumble* years of college.

    Currently, I try to keep it confined to the hall closest, which both the Ladyfriend and sisters refer to the “doomsday vault”.

    Be Prepared.

  11. I don’t count my ammo any more. I multiply the weight of the shipping cases it’s in by the number of cases for each csliber. Starting to store it downstairs now because all that wiehgt up in the gun room on the top floor is starting to worry me structurally.

    But I don’t have to tell Old NFO. He’s been here.

  12. “The only time you have too much ammo is when your house is on fire.”

  13. Saying there is too much ammo is like saying there are too many flowers… : )

  14. All- Thanks, sorry for the crappy connectivity… I can’t stay connected long enough to respond to all.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  15. Hey Old NFO;

    I am part of that group..I buy a little ammo every week…after a while..it kinda adds up. When the next drought comes up or they come for me….I want tio go out in a bed of brass and a lot of blood( theirs) before I go to St Peter to account for my behavior.

  16. I have never had too much ammo. The thought of not having enough terrifies me. Now, I just need to finish adding storage space to the house…

  17. Got my fix this afternoon.

    The candyman delivered 400 rounds of 30-06 specifically loaded for my M1 Garand!

  18. From the looks of that supply, I still get to call you a piker. My basement looks like an ad for MTM ammo boxes…..

    Meetings are at 8:00 Thursday.

  19. There are only three times when you can have too much ammo.

    1. When it is on fire
    2. When you have to move it all
    3. When you are trying to swim


  20. Just finished loading 150 rds of match .308 and 250 rds of 9mm.
    The only problem is that I’m running out of ammo boxes and space to store it all. and by the way, 10,000 rounds of .22 rimfire is NOT too much.

  21. I once picked up ~66K of early Russian 7.62X54, mostly AP, API, APIT and such, and trailered it – along with ~8K of mixed .50BMG down to a friend’s house. His wife was not happy, heh, heh. Figured out later that the SUV was pulling about 4,000 pounds.