Colt Python Specifications…

This is my Python- It’s not a safe queen, or pretty. It’s been carried and shot for over 40 years…4 in python

Mfgr- Colt

Initially offered- 1955

Overall length (8 in barrel)- 13.5 in

Barrel lengths- 2.5 in, 4 in, 6 in, 8 in

Weight (8 in barrel)- 2.43 lbs

Caliber- .357

Action- Double action, repeating

Feed- 6 shot rotating cylinder

Sights- Front ramp, Accro target adjustable rear

Accuracy- .75 in 6 shot group at 25 yards from rest


.357 ammunition

Parent case .38 Special
Case type Rimmed (R), straight
Bullet diameter .357 in (9.1 mm)
Neck diameter .379 in (9.6 mm)
Base diameter .379 in (9.6 mm)
Rim diameter .440 in (11.2 mm)
Rim thickness .060 in (1.5 mm)
Case length 1.29 in (33 mm)
Overall length 1.59 in (40 mm)
Primer type Small pistol, magnum
Maximum pressure 35,000 psi
158 gr (10 g) JHP Federal 1,240 ft/s 539 ft·lb


Colt Python Specifications… — 17 Comments

  1. Pretty old and worn. I’ll give you $100 if you throw in the speed loaders. What?

  2. Still the finest example of American handgunnery I’ve never owned.

    Have shot many, though!


  3. Sorry, sir, I disagree with you. A well used and taken care of gun has a “pretty” all it’s own. That’s one beautiful weapon!

  4. I feel you are going to injoy poking the bear. I also like your gun.

  5. I’ll outbid Gerry and CTT – my offer is $150 – or a passle of .22 ammo 😉

  6. Was with my brother in 1968 when he bought his new four-inch blue Python just like that for the extravagant retail price of $140.00 in the local JC Penneys sporting goods dept. He had lots of enjoyment out of it over the years.

  7. Followed you from “Bloviating Zeppelin’s” blog site. I received my COLT PYTHON 4″ in 1974 as my duty weapon. You had to have 7 years on duty before you could “carry” a non-issue.
    Today,,,it is a “bedroom” gun for this old LEO.
    Even not fully awake, it is part of me when going to see what that noise in the night was.

  8. Toothie- Yep, they USED to be affordable… sigh

    Robert- Thanks!

    Keads- 🙂

    Mrchuck- Thanks and yes, they do fall readily to hand! 🙂