Getting old sucks…

But this one makes me smile…

45 ACPI resemble that, but I eventually get it done…

Go read the folks on the sidebar, the ice cream machine is in for maintenance.



Gah… — 13 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeah…I kinda resemble that one also…..But I like to use the word…”Time Tested….and still effective”

  2. Ed- I ‘felt’ like that this morning… sigh

    Bob- Good one!

    Rev- Okay, you can be a .38 then… 🙂

    Mrs.C- Yes I am, need to lose 20 lbs

    Dammit- There IS that…

    WSF- True!

    Drang- Why not! 😀

  3. It is said you are only as old as you feel.
    There are some days the way I feel I know that I could not be that damned old.