Wordless Wednesday… — 19 Comments

  1. I recognize those airports!

    And it only took 20 hours, but I made it to Pu Dong in one piece.
    Travel safe-

  2. I do miss going overseas for work.
    I don’t miss traveling overseas for work.

  3. Just think…less than 3 months left to enjoy this travel 🙂
    Safe travels sir.


  4. I am guessing you really really like airports or you arrived home?

  5. Ed/Tim- LOL, yeah, something different…

    Gerry- I’m not going to miss ANY of it… 🙂

    Jen- True!

    Suz-Thanks,I think… 😀

    LL- More like nightmare these days!

    Fargo- Yep, long enough to wash clothes, repack the bag and head out again…

    Rev- Aye Aye sir!

    Mrs.C- 😛

    drjim- Agreed!

  6. Flying in and out of Dulles. I’m guessing Pensacola, FL, based on the state flag in front of the hotel?
    Man, you never rest. You’ll retire, spend six months at home, and the itch will start all over again.
    Oh, and plans may change – Fallon maybe…

  7. God bless you brother. I hope your retirement comes soon.
    You sure have earned it.
    Reload, get your high master card, take Camp Perry by storm,
    shoot a hog, drink a beer, relax and start all over again.

  8. Keep’n that rocker on the porch warm, the beer cold, and the ammo ready til you get done…