Rant… POS…

TL;DR if you desire- I’m tired of the BS PCism and kowtowing to all the little snowflakes…

An interesting conversation at lunch kicked off this rant…

We were discussing the current ‘things’ that seem to have the MSM’s attention-

Starbucks cup- Anti- Christmas? Probably more a $$ decision… How much did they save by NOT spraying white on the cups? What Christians are actually outraged? None of us were…

Missouri protests- Beyond the pale. Plain and simple kowtowing to a bunch of spoiled children. Questions are being raised as to whether ANY of the so-called ‘outrages’ actually occurred. Oh, and one more point. Self-selective forced segregation… As if we haven’t seen that coming for the last 10 years. AND they complained that the Paris terrorist attacks took over the news, leaving them with no coverage… Really??? YGTBSM!

Yale protests- Yeah, special that one… Screeching harpy Mk-1/Mod 0. OVER A FRIKKIN HALLOWEEN MEMO!!!

I was the only one there without a kid in college, but the consensus was if one of the others kids pulled that stunt, or participated the $$ stops immediately… Of course of the six at lunch, four are in STEM degree tracks and one is pre-med. One is a rising senior doing a co-op for a semester and making $35,000 (not bad for a 20-year-old female).

SJW (bullies) vs. everybody and everything- Pick something, anything… Somebody is outraged… e.g. the puppy kicking continues in various media, among other things. And then there’s THIS, supposedly written by a professor at UT-Austin??? Illogic, overtones of racism, etc… And this guy is a PROFESSOR???

Kids talking back to adults- One of the folks at lunch is a former starting defensive lineman at a biggish university. His youngest son’s bike was swiped by a bunch of teen girls and boys. He confronted them, and they gave him enough lip that he called the cops and told them to hurry before he pounded them all in the ground. Of the three parents he knew and called, NONE of them did anything to the kids, but wanted to know why HE was harassing their children!

Open season on cops- This is another one that is beyond the pale… Do you really want to alienate the ONE group of people who just might save your ass? Or get your property back if stolen? I don’t blame the cops at all for being lockwired to the half-cock position, and rolling multiple units on every stop (which increases response times everywhere).

Special Forces in Syria/Afghanistan- Dribs and drabs of troops, little to no tail, and basically throwing these men and women to the dogs. Kidnap targets, assassination targets, Green on Blue targets… Beyond stupid… Put a thousand in with a good loggie tail and I’ll be impressed.

Keystone- Even as we hear about the problems with infrastructure, train car derailment and leaking rail cars, the administration does this… Pandering to the ecoweenies… And probably handing a huge amount of oil to the Chinese…

Paris and the attacks last Friday… I’m going to send you to Larry Correia’s blog HERE, I’ll just say I agree completely with him…

What do all these have in common? Perpetually Outraged Snowflakes, hereafter referred to as POS…

The ‘rule’ says democracies usually last about 200 years, we’ve beat that by 39 years. But I don’t hold much hope going forward. If these POS are indicative of what is to come, I pity this country when they get in charge…

The POS have NO clue about the real world. They don’t know how to earn money, they’ve never ‘failed’ (Hello ‘participation trophies’), don’t know how to deal with things that actually don’t agree with their leftist taught proclivities, anti-gun, etc…

And the little POS expect to be paid $100,000 a year for a non-sensical degree in basketweaving…

They figure if they throw enough temper tantrums, everybody will cave to them. Guess what, it doesn’t work that way in the real world…

I for one, am sick and tired of the BS going on. I’m not putting up with it. Pull your crap on me, you won’t get anything but laughed at. I have better things to do that kowtow to these POS. You want a confrontation? I’ll give you one. You won’t like it, trust me. I’m old and grumpy. I don’t play fair. I don’t ‘talk’… I act.

Oh yeah, and one courtesy of PPP… On the $15/hr thing…

No help

Kicking the soapbox back in the corner and loading spare mags… Sigh…


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  1. I like that ‘POS’ abbreviation, an unfortunately accurate description of people I see a lot of time. I get tired of hearing sentences start with “I’m really offended when … ” and I’m thinking “So what if you are offended.”

  2. Well, it looks like I am finally a grumpy old man. Thanks for the qualification specs. I made every one and then some.

    You know, scripture says to have lots of kids, like an archer has arrows. But most everyone seems to have 1 or 2 and those are mostly squibs. What a mess.

  3. I hear ya, man. I love this country, but I think we may have slid past the point of no return. The next election will tell all. If we get a Hillary president, it means that 51% of the voters validate all of this crap, at which point, my focus becomes moving my guns, books and dogs out to the high desert and filling sandbags.

    • Sadly, it appears they are all ‘Hillary’ presidents, in one flavor or another.
      At least those who have any real chance.
      Sic Semper Tyrannis!


  4. I know you are rehabbing, don’t forget to keep an eye on your blood pressure. I’m thinking it might have been a little elevated while you were writing that gem of a post!

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    *Wow* .all I can say…That was a worthy rant…I am inpressed. I can add nothing to that except about “Dear” leader” going to Turkey and telling the leaders that “Global Warming” is our biggest threat…..Jeez….what a Maroon….No wonder we are treated like a joke on the world stage.

  6. Yeah. What you said. Cman we form our own colony now?

  7. Thanks, I feel a load off my chest now. You say it much better’n me.

  8. Oh my goodness, you have just done a rant that pretty much covers the mind set of a sweet (but grumpy) little ol granny…

  9. We were have a discussion about cops the other day at breakfast. One guy was not so much in support of them and I said I was glad they were around. When asked why I told them I didn’t want to have to EDC to my carbine.

  10. Pournelle was stating years ago that we should take out ISIS, and if he was in charge, it would be a division and some A-10 squadrons. Now it’s up to three divisions, all the A-10s and enough air superiority craft to take care of SAM sites, since ISIS has enough land under their control to qualify as a nation in their own right. Instead, Obama is ensuring that ISIS survives and grows.

    The pipeline cancellation is Obama’s way of giving back to his best buddy Warren Buffet, who owns the railroad. Giving graft, it’s the Chicago way!

  11. Agree down the line.

    BTW, the UT-Austin professor’s anti-gun manifesto has been removed from that link by the author…

  12. The cops have never once returned anything that was stolen from me.

    In fact, they informed me that when I found some of the goods stolen from me in a pawn shop that because the shop had purchased the items in good faith I was just SOL.

    It’s the legislatures more than the cops fault, but I’m seeing a diminishing return of having them around. But when I agitate to get the laws changed to increase their utility, I get accused of racism, hating cops, being seditious…

  13. What happened to the UT Austin site? You must have pissed someone off or made them look like the assholes they probably are.

    Just loved every word of Larry C’s blog about Paree! I would like to echo everything he said about all the stupid assed players.

    I live in a Very liberal controlled state, no gun carry of any kind but I have taken to having one on my person every time I cross the water and go to “America” as we call it. If they catch me with it, I go to jail till death, I’m77, and I will just let them support me and give me free medical for having the unmitigated gall to presume to protect me and mine.

    The thing that pissed me off the most was the DHS labelling me a potential terrorist just because I am a vet, 20+.

    Going to go get a half gallon of Red Foxx’s “Cripple Wine” and sip it in gulps while calling out that SOB in the WH.

    Am I banned for using socially unacceptable language?

  14. Old NFO, you nailed it! Come on down to Roanoke & we’ll put some liberals on the barbi before you move! By the way I have some time in grade in west Texas & you’ve picked a great area.

  15. All- Thanks! McT- Sorry to hear that. I guess I’ve been lucky!

    Posted from my iPhone at therapy.

  16. Great rant, and can’t help but agree.

    And as we all well know, POS also stands for Pieces Of Sh*t. Just stating the obvious, heh…

  17. Agree 100% with your rant. Nothing makes sense any more.
    Then again, I almost got to flatten a few BLM protesters today. They lined both sides of the main thoroughfare through our local expensive liberal college. Four or five thought they’d be safe stepping off the curb nowhere near a crosswalk as I navigated the narrow road in the RV. Cops were present and probably laughed at them when they suddenly jumped back on the sidewalk when I laid on the air horn. 140 lbs each vs. 40k lbs? Oh, and the racial demographics of the protesters DID NOT match the protest movement, if you know what I mean.
    Stupid kids, get off my lawn/street!

  18. Well…finally we agree on something.

    Also, thanks for the tip on Larry Correia’s blog. I’ve read most of his books and am currently reading his newest. It’s great to see he’s not a liberal weenie.

  19. “They figure if they throw enough temper tantrums, everybody will cave to them. Guess what, it doesn’t work that way in the real world.”

    They expect that because everyone HAS caved since they were 2ish. No one has ever told them to knock it off, sit down, shut up and mind your manners and made it stick.

    Gonna be interesting in this country when they all figure out that life isn’t fair and no one ever promised it would be.

    Glad to know I’m not the only old grumpy person around. 🙂


  20. Well said, and enjoyable to read the things I think put to paper by someone articulate!