Getting the Turkey ready…

Well, I AM ex-Navy… 🙂


Hopefully y’all are spending the holidays with family, and if not, at least with friends…

If you aren’t, get a group together and do an ‘orphan’s Thanksgiving’. We used to do this in the Navy all the time when folks were ‘stuck’, and we’d all get together at somebody’s house, and everybody brought food. It usually turned into an all day party, with ‘strays’ usually ending up on couches or the floor later… 🙂


Getting the Turkey ready… — 16 Comments

  1. Funny!

    Wife and daughter (both in school – teacher / student) have this week off and took the opportunity to visit my BIL out of town. So my son and I are ‘batching it’ this Thanksgiving, going to be nice and quiet (like Dad likes it :^).

    I hope you and everyone here have a great Thanksgiving, there still is a lot to the thankful for.

  2. This is the only time that “giving somebody the bird,” is a good thing.

    The best Thanksgiving meal I had in the Navy was aboard the 714. We were inport, most of the crew was on liberty, and the cooks went all out. I remember that if you took two metal trays with you on the trip through the chow line and used every compartment on each tray, you still did not sample everything. It’s easy to pick on them, but we tend to forget that Navy cooks do a great job under very difficult conditions.

  3. I’ll fire off the smoker before sundown. Turkey and ham and all the trimmings.

    I remember being a mess officer (along with a dozen other “extra duties) as a young lieutenant. My chow hall fed 1200 meals, four times per day. On Thanksgiving, they “put on the dog”. Unbeknownst to me, my mess steward had invited the post commander to lunch, a 2-star named Long. He showed up and served turkey and dressing to about 1100 troops. My mess steward got a commendation out of that invitation, along with an Army Commendation medal, signed by a Major General.

  4. When we lived down in Woodstock,GA, we used to go to NAS Atlanta, before it closed, and have a sailor or two for Thanksgiving dinner. Because it was a reserve base, there were not too many transits or TDA’s stuck there. But a few did get a fee meal and a few beers and a ball game or two. Good times. I hope you have friends or family close by and can enjoy some good company.

  5. Did our Thanksgiving last night, since I’m working for the actual day, and drug along an orphan from work… Would have had two if some unexpected expenses hadn’t gotten in the other one’s way. Bringing home strays for the holidays is a long standing tradition in the FarmFam.

  6. First Navy Thanksgiving was the day I reported to the DD715, and the turkey was green. I guess it was some Commissaryman’s idea of funny, but we didn’t find it amusing. The next one was better, as was each after that. Friends & shipmates made it unique each time.

    Our daughter the chef is preparing the entire meal this year, so we’re just gonna sit back & enjoy. Have a great Turkey Day, sir!

  7. If it’s a “Navy” holiday event, best to put visqueen over the carpet…if it’s your house. I am not suggesting that a bunch of drunk sailors can end up being messy. Certainly officers such as Old NFO are above such rowdy conduct.

  8. j.r.- Peaceful is good! 🙂 And FOOTBALL!

    John/Paw/CP/Rev/LL- Funny how we remember those military meals… 🙂 Rowdy? Not us!!! 🙂

    FG- I would expect nothing less. 😀

  9. 🙂
    I’ve done the ‘orphan’ Thanksgiving a few times, always much appreciated by the stray. Both sets of bosses gave me Thanksgiving Day off this year, which was nice.
    This year…well, we are still at a table and not in the ground. And I’ve come to work with an awesome group of hardworking people. So, you know…the world may be going to hell; but I have lot to be thankful for.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Good to hear the move went well!

  10. Every Thanksgiving after I got married and was home for it, we always invited one of the single guys over for the day. Always remembered what a bad day it was when not home.
    Have a Happy one Jim and keep working on that knee.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving all.
    We’re joining fellow “orphans” tomorrow since our kids are with their in laws.
    It’s all good.

  12. Happy thanksgiving! Its just the four of us here. and def. no turkey– we are smoking a large boston butt… : )

    I know we are such rebel non comformists…lol