Woo hoo!!!

In answer to a couple of questions, yes the flooring DID get installed.

From this…


To this…

floor is done

All that is left is quarter-round and minor trim pieces, and it’s done…

Oh my aching (insert body part here depending on who was helping when), but a team effort pulled it off! And none of us did anything stupid with saws either! 🙂

And before somebody says something, yes it’s a random pattern, we didn’t try to ‘match’ the flooring or any fancy things like that. It was max conserve to try to save money on flooring, and ‘reusing’ where we could.

We just hope Peter and Dot are happy with it!


Woo hoo!!! — 16 Comments

  1. Looks very nice. Remember to nail the quarter-round into the baseboard and not into the floor. (yes this is a voice of experience lesson)
    And depending on the size of the quarter-round, there is a hole saw fixture trick that copes the end cut. It worked great and went together from scrap. You just have to make sure you can get a hole saw that is twice the size of the quarter-round as you are using the radius of the saw. (http://www.finehomebuilding.com/how-to/tips/coping-quarter-round-trim.aspx)
    I have never regretted the money spent on air nailers.
    Although the voices inside my head are saying, “must get cover plates to match.”
    What is the inset section on the right of the photo, and are you going to transition over the gap?

  2. Very nice!

    Hot showers and ibuprofen are your friend for sore body parts…followed with some scotch. 🙂


  3. We are so happy with the engineered wood floor we had put into the Low Granite Outcropping look just like that, hand-scraped (by prison-labor in KY!), and the hickory floors in The Ranch.
    Looks very nice! It’s the 2nd-day pains that kick-in later, when the Ibuprofen really starts to shine! My aching digging-arms.

  4. Looks lovely! Hope you aren’t too sore.

    Actually, it should be shoe moulding rather than 1/4 round; it is taller than it is wide. Only use 1/4 round if there are also large horizontal gaps that shoe moulding won’t cover. If you know someone from whom you can borrow a pneumatic nailer, it will make the job go much faster. Oh, and paint the moulding before installing it; then only touch ups are needed.

  5. Nice work. Friendship is a wonderful thing. I’m sure your efforts will be appreciated.

  6. John- NOW you tell me… sigh 🙂

    John/Sendarius- Yep, fireplace hearth. And we went with contrasting color to ‘alert’ folks. We had discussed this with Peter and Dot, due to Peter’s issues, we wanted the transitions to stand out.

    gfa/LL/PH- Thanks!

    Suz/WSF/Ed- Yep, that’s next! 🙂

    NC- Yep, 800mg to get to sleep, and the same in the morning.

    TCNM- It’s paying it forward… 🙂

  7. Now that you are done, feel free to come back to SC and you can do ours…lmao

    Looks good!

  8. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve missed your recent posts (over the past *mumble* years), so I hadn’t realized you were moving to Texas. It’s really amazing that a couple of P-3 veterans (I flew with VQ-2) who lived contemporaneously in Northern Virginia and now both live in Texas haven’t ever even met.

    Maybe sometime I can make it up your way from Austin. I’m sure there are plenty of war stories we could share (since they’re likely to be almost identical).