Memorial Day Weekend…

It’s NOT about those of us that came back, it’s about those who didn’t make it home…mem day 4 mem day 5 mem day 6

Take a moment, say a prayer for your freedoms and the military men and women who gave their lives that you may enjoy those freedoms.


Memorial Day Weekend… — 16 Comments

  1. There but for the grace of God, go I, my brother, my father and in truth, most of the male members of my fathers family and my mothers family. I have a photo of my father and his two brothers (Navy, Navy, Army) together in Pearl Harbor 1944.
    Two of my mothers brothers went ashore June 6th, her third brother came a day later. All of them survived the war.
    God bless ’em, they’re all gone now.

  2. i will say a prayer take a moment of silence for those who did not make it home, then im going to fire up the grill and have a beer or two in there honor because of all the brothers and sisters i lost that is exactly what they would want me to do, not to mourn there passing but to celebrate there lives the same way they would in life.

  3. We’ve all lost – as a nation – and as individual warriors who have seen our fellows die in our arms, and we have tried to wash the blood off. But it didn’t all come off. And when we went home, people said, “tell me about it”. We looked in their eyes and saw that they wanted a cheap thrill. “Not much to tell”.

    But we have a day and maybe we offer a toast, each in our own way, to those empty seats at the table. The valor and the sacrifice are lost to a thoughtless nation, but not to us. It is for us to validate their sacrifice in our conduct and in our resolve to stand up for what’s right so that they didn’t die in vain.

  4. I’m glad that not one of the vets in my family (including me) paid the ultimate, but I’m thankful for the sacrifice of others, and may it not be in vain.

  5. The comments already posted say it better than I could, for what the remembrance is about, so I’ll raise a glass and offer a Salute.

  6. My Name came from my Uncle who was a copilot/pilot out of East Anglia flying B-17’s. He did a total of 36 missions and returned from them all, physically unharmed, but no matter how much I pestered him, he would not talk about those flights or the guys he lost to the Me109’s /Bf 190’s.

    So on every one of my birthdays I make sure to remember him, and especially this Day, I thank God that he made it back and had a Wonderful Life. Passed a few years ago at 96. RIP!

  7. As a Gold Star family member I always say a prayer for the families of the Brave Men that did not come home.I also say prayers for those that came home and are trapped at times in their private Hell

  8. A friend lays in eternal glory near his Great Great Grandfather.

    He would want, work permitting, to go to the lake and drink beer. A lot of beer.

    One day, on Memorial Day, I’m gonna do that for Danny.