Barbie for ‘men’…

And some women I know too…

Top to bottom-

Gen 1- Colt SP1 (Early 70s edition) 1:12 twist, Colt and CVV contract uppers

Gen 2- Colt HBAR (Late 80s edition) 1:9 twist

Gen 3- Wilson Elite, reworked by former Marine armorer (2000 edition) 1:9 twist

AR15 gens

I haven’t done anything to the SP1, I’ve put a Geissele trigger and Norgon ambi mag release in the HBAR, and the Wilson has an ARMS handguard, Magpul stock, TA-31RCO ACOG, Surefire Scout light, Norgon ambi mag release, Ergo pistol grip and an original Grip Pod.

Of the three, the HBAR is the most accurate (20 inch barrel), and being a ‘factory’ match rifle. All three of them will shoot POA without a problem, and are more accurate than I am! 🙂

I can’t find it now, but I saw something to the effect that there were in excess of $60,000 worth of available options for an AR. I know you can get a 50cal muzzle loading upper for it, a shotty upper, and various lasers and other toys…

So yeah, it’s pretty much a Barbie for men, and some women… 🙂

How many ‘accessories’ have you added to yours??? Or how many colors is it? I know there are a few purple ones out there, and at least one or two blue ones, and at least one that is ‘pretty’ with flowers… sigh…


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  1. As they are now illegal to own in California, I don’t have one. Barbie dolls are illegal in Iran, you know. They provoke the sand monkeys to sexual perversion.

  2. Mine has a 7.62×39 upper and a flash suppressor. Every time I shoot it I kick myself for selling the .223 upper (got $500 for it), and tell myself that I’m going to get another upper one day, once I make up my mind which one. Then I think, why not build a proper .308? And thus the cycle continues…

  3. My most recent is a 1/7 16″ lightweight build. A Stag lower, Geissele trigger, RRA LPK, MOE stock. The upper I bought pre-built from BCM; light barrel, mid-length gas, keymod rail. Dressed up with a set of MOE folding sights and an Aimpoint PRO.

    My land is infested with feral hogs, due to the imbeciles with adjacent hunting leases turning them loose so they’d have something to do when deer aren’t in season, and i wanted something lighter to tote in the woods. I’d been using an M1 Carbine, but these pigs are pretty big, and more energy is always a good thing.

    I’ve got another lower and parts kit sitting on my computer desk right now, and can’t decide what I’m going to put on top of it. I don’t have a rifle length AR right now, but the idea of building a .300 BLK is really compelling.

  4. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes Tam, it WAS built in 2004, and I don’t see a reason to change it 😉

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  5. Just a pretty stock S&W M&P 15.

    Besides some 10 round P-Mags, all I’ve done is mount a cheap red dot on it….

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Have fun in Libertycon. If I wasn’t at camp, I would be annoying you and Peter. My AR has changed a bit since 1991, I have an A2 barrel, and have recently installed a flattop upper. I still have the older stuff and occasionally I will return the AR to its Vietnam war era configuration.

  7. I love your wonderful toys.

    My A1 and A2 are stock and mirror yours. My other ones are all mutts that are set up however I wanted them when building them or adapting them for specific tasks. One had an Aimpoint, one has an ACOG and the 9″ .300 Blackout has a T1 Micro and an AAC suppressor. The sixth one is still on the build rack, pedigree to be determined. (I’m thinking a Mk12 SPR) They are modular like a Lego set and I love ’em all.

    And sadly, these days, I’m making sure that they are all cleaned and lubricated and ready to be used or relocated in a hurry.

  8. Have kept my mods/additions simple.
    Started with a basic A2 Bushy and then:
    put a red-dot on the handle.
    put a white light on the fore sight.
    installed an adjustable stock.
    That’s it.

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