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This image reflects the unique nose art of one of the B-24’s in the Zodiac Squadron. The original nose art was painted by Phil S. Brinkman while he was assigned to the Army Air Force Station 174 in Sudbury, England. Brinkman joined the Army Air Corps in the summer of 1942. He was assigned to Special Services, when he entered the army, since he was an accomplished commercial artist at the time.

Shortly after he arrived at Davis-Monthan Airbase in Tucson, Arizona, he completed a large mural which attracted attention and was seen by the commander of the 834th Bomb Squadron, Captain “Jip” Howell, who set up a transfer to bring Brinkman into the 834th.

The idea of adorning the B-24’s of Capt. Howell’s with unique nose art resulted in the famous “Zodiac Bombers” including “Leo.“ In the spring of 1944, the 486th Bomb Group, comprised of the 832nd, 833rd, 834th and the 835th Bomb Squadrons was sent to England.


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  1. One of my former students was an FBO in Alton, IL and coordinated an airshow, complete with an appearance by the Collings Foundation’s B-17 and B-24.
    I expressed a desire to fly in one of the airplanes and he chatted with the administrator…
    “Show up tomorrow morning at 0900 and you can fly to their next demonstration. Which aircraft would you like to fly in?”
    At the time, it was the only flyable B-24 in existence.
    Which do you think I chose?

  2. WSF- It ALWAYS is…

    RHT- Thanks!

    GB- LOL, not a doubt in my mind… B-24!

    Rick- Thanks!

  3. The planes were know by their nose art. They were call by that over the correct call signs. It was a badge of honor for those guys. My dad was friends with a guy, I don’t remember his name, but he had his plan’s nose art tattooed on his arm.