Six minutes worth watching…

In light of Tulsa, Charlotte, and the ongoing discussions, this is well worth watching…

If one actually stops and thinks about it, those in the line of fire DO have to process the OODA loop faster than normal, and even with that, they could end up dead…

Bottom line, if you do what the LEOs say, you live. You don’t, especially at night, in low light, you have a better than average chance of being DRT.

YMMV, IANAL, Do not try this at home.


Six minutes worth watching… — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks, first time I’d seen the video. Sent forward, way forward.

  2. One of my co-workers was worrying the other day, her son is black, about what to tell him about the cops and how not to get shot. I told her what I told my son when he was 16-17.
    Now, granted we are white, but he was a big husky kid who could look intimidating. I told him if he ever got stopped, always do EXACTLY what the cop says to do, answer exactly what question is asked, and to act like Cinderella and be home before midnight. Nothing good happens after midnight. Just watch the news. Most everyone who gets shot is shot after midnight. My sister has an adopted son who is black, she told him the same thing, and, so far, he is still okay.

    The cops deserve our respect, they work hard for ALL of us. And we are supposed to be a nation of laws.

    • My sentiments exactly, Suz. A traffic stop is no place to engage in chit chat. DO WHAT THE MAN SAYS – EXACTLY SAYS. Don’t pretend to second guess what he wants you to do. Tell him exactly where you are placing your hands and why. (Glove box contains my car registration, license is in my wallet in my purse on the passenger seat, etc.) Respond to him with no attitude in your voice.

      You have no idea what situations he may have encountered before you were stopped – suicide, domestic abuse call, missing child, traffic accident with fatal victims. Police are not robots, they have feelings, and you have no way to ascertain his state of mind when he walks up to your window.

      Momma Lou

  3. I’ve long thought of LEO as Robocop. The field is the very wrong place to air grievances. Upon contact, follow their commands to the best of one’s ability. If there is a complaint, take it up with the desk or the judge. The police are quite good at carrying out their assigned duties. However, to try to fit the special circumstances of a contact with the OODA loop is square peg/round hole. I suspect John Boyd would disagree with the shortcutting. And that LEO training should foster such behavior is quite a part of the problem.

    • Agreed. The new training puts out a “when your only tool is a hammer, all problems look like a nail” mentality, which is reinforced and backed in the vast majority of post shooting reviews that the involved departments conduct on themselves ( i.e.- no independent oversight )

  4. yeah, on that video-
    The man reaching into the truck through the open window to bring out his wallet is introduced ONLY after the audience has been “primed” or conditioned by seeing the same man perform the same movements over and over to produce a gun, which he fires at the audience, with predictable results. In real life we would not have seen the the subject of any given traffic stop perform thus, over and over, prior to producing his wallet.
    When I went through academy, it was impressed upon us that all manner of misfortune would be ours for a bad shoot. Now, officers are apparently taught, trained, and conditioned to believe that the ONLY bad shoot is the one that THEY do not walk away from, regardless of (lack of ) cause or (lack) of need. Then , also, it didn’t used to require a full SWAT assault on a residence to serve a warrant for Failure to Appear. It is indeed a sad state of affairs when there need to be published tips on How Not to be Killed by Police during a Traffic Stop.

  5. All- Thanks for the replies, I’m still on travel and working off an iPhone.
    Posted from my iPhone.

  6. I’m sure most of you have seen that video,,,,where an attacker is 21 feet from the officer and can cover that distance and stab the officer before the officer can draw and shoot.

  7. Interesting video. How do you convey the message to the public that a traffic stop is no place to litigate? You have days and weeks ahead to argue your Constitutional rights. Your immediate need is to stay alive.

    • The problem is the media and current administration. They are teaching disrespect and violence. I was taught to: 1. Obey the laws 2. Listen to the policeman 3. Obey their instructions 4. When asked for ID registration let officer know were you need to reach for your info. 5. Stay calm show respect. The police are public servants up holding the law. You’ll have your time in court to explain what happened save your emotions till then.

  8. Thanks for the video – it demonstrates visually what is often described in words. Much better – I wish a TV news would air that.