The NEXT set of scofflaws???

Maybe California???

Federal background checks for long gun sales in California surged to an 18-year high in November, according to the FBI’s database.

Dealers processed 82,554 applications for long guns through the National Instant Criminal Background Check system last month, a 57 percent increase over November 2015 and a 34 percent jump from October.


Paredes says come January, not only will California no longer allow the sale of bullet button-equipped rifles, but it will mandate current owners to either register their firearms, sell the weapons across state lines, turn bullet button long guns over to law enforcement or destroy the guns completely.

Owners could also disassemble the weapons into “a conforming condition,” he said. “Folks are rightfully concerned because as of Jan.1, 2017, sales of those guns will be banned.”

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When you compare that with this…

After dodging a Hillary Clinton presidency, Republicans have a historic shot to rewrite the nation’s gun laws under President-elect Donald Trump.

There is definitely a pro-gun agenda on the horizon starting in January…

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And one more…

Anti-gun hysteria is hazardous to your health…

In July, the Crime Prevention Research Center published a comprehensive report on those Americans who hold concealed-carry permits. Among the findings, the Center notes that while the police are dramatically more law-abiding than the population as a whole (37 times more law-abiding), permit holders in Texas and Florida — two states that keep comprehensive records — were even more law-abiding than cops. Police officers committed crimes at a rate of 103 crimes per 100,000 officers. Permit holders in Texas and Florida committed crimes at a rate of 22.3 per 100,000.

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Soooo… The left/MSM continues to trash us, even as the research proves we are categorically LESS prone to violate the law than just about any other group, but that’s still not good enough, with the MSM still promising blood in the streets (again)… sigh…


The NEXT set of scofflaws??? — 11 Comments

  1. With respect to the pro-gun agenda, 13 representatives does not a revolution make. We need more than that. We need more than Cheeto Jesus in the White House and Republicans in both houses of Congress. We need vocal, passionate supporters of change to keep the pressure on. Otherwise, Congresscritters can (and will) pay us lip service and ignore us like they usually do.

    Now is not the time to rest upon our laurels. We must press the attack, hard and without mercy. We should save acting like victors for when we actually win.

  2. California is running in haste to become a gun-free state (unless you’re a criminal) but all of that could be destroyed by a US Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution.

    Since I’m in the process of leaving the Golden State to the progs, I don’t worry much.

  3. Yup. I was an FFL there for 17 years. Just one more reason I now reside in Texas. Also, kalifornia voters just passed proposition 63 by about 5 to 1. All magazines over 10 rounds are outlawed, period. Ammo?

    Need a license to sell.
    Need a license and background check to purchase.
    Can only purchase from a kalifornia licensed seller.
    Seller retains records of purchases for 20 years.
    Out of state purchase cannot be brought back into state.
    No on-line purchase.
    Non-residents can enter state with what ever they want.

    What a cluster%%$#. Almost sure to wind up in court.

  4. Jeremiah- Your point is very valid, no question… sigh

    LL- Good idea (leaving that is)…

    RHT- I wouldn’t be surprised about multiple lawsuits… I’m sure the folks in Nevada are loving the business though. I can’t see them stopping everyone entering Cali to check for ammo…

  5. Once again I’m tempted to kiss the ground here in Alaska. In fact I might, except my face would freeze to the ground. One of our neighbors just told me that it’s a New Year’s tradition in this neighborhood for everyone to meet at their gun store of choice, and load up on ammo.

    I like this place.

  6. WA state is nipping at CA’s heels. 20 years ago it was a solid RKBA state, WA has had a concealed carry shall issue longer than almost any other state.
    A general registration Initiative was beaten 2-1 20 years ago- this last one (591) two years ago was won by a similar margin. This year we got 1491 which essentially eliminates any due process for confiscating firearms from someone , based on the report of a family member or police officer.
    Import and educate enough ninnies, get a couple of billionaires to fund an Initiative with a “common sense” title, and there ya go- instant law. No discussion, no way to put convince the legislature to alter sections, basically just rule of the majority, decided on a 30 second reflex.
    The Initiative process is working very well to ram a gun control agenda down our throats here. When one or two people can fund a 8 million dollar effort themselves, and the major media is already on their side, it is almost impossible to counter it. Bloombergs group has all this stuff pre written and ready to roll, Nevada just had a background check initiative jammed on them by 1 county out of 16. All the rest voted nay, but LV said yes.
    I am considering moving out of this soon to be California and one of the considerations is whether the new place has an Initiative process. Originally designed as a way around a reluctant legislature, it has become a tool of the ultra wealthy to impose their PC will.

    • Colorado just passed an Amendment requiring a minimum of signatures from each state senate district. Both the left and the right are howling. Should work much like the Electoral College and keep the rural areas from having the Front Range population centers from controlling the law making process.

  7. Rev- Don’t blame ya! 🙂

    Raven- Part of your problem is a bunch of Cali transplants… sigh

  8. They need to be worrying about going after Heroin as it was reported tonight of 50,000+ deaths contributed to it, with gun deaths falling in behind it and car crash deaths. I really don’t see South Carolina making an attempt promote gun control. God I love the South.