It’s done…

Except for picking up all the wrapping paper!!!

Vito got the last gift, three new tennis balls! And he chased them all over the place, picking up one, dropping it, finding another and so on. Kaya had more fun sitting in her box and chewing on presents than anything else.

Everybody got at least ONE thing they liked, so I’ll call that a success… 🙂

The Tryptophan coma was survived, the football games good, and there were no meltdowns (well, other than Kaya wanting to be fed in the middle of opening presents)…

I hope each of you had the best Christmas under the sun, wherever you may be.


It’s done… — 17 Comments

  1. We are truly blessed. Milady has gone to work, and I’m puttering around the house, straightening, cleaning, doing laundry. I do believe that the after-Christmas cleanup is as daunting as the pre-Christmas cleanup.

    Celebrate St. Steven’s Day!

  2. Had a quiet one at Redquarters. As for the out-of-Texas branch of the Red Family, Little Bit (aka Red 2.0) got a junior vet costume and accessories, and spent the day diagnosing her stuffed animals’ ills. Friday Cat hid.

  3. LL- One out of (mumble) tries…

    DB- Yep, even the pup! 🙂

    gfa- Thank you!

    Paw- Yep, getting the boxes away from the kids is ‘interesting’… 🙂

    TXRed- Can’t say I blame the cat…LOL

    Rev- As long as I don’t have to eat anymore turkey… Sigh…

    Senior- And to you, JUGM and the boys!

    BP- Thanks BP and the same to you.

  4. Thanks Jim, I did and hope you did as well Happy Trump New Year! Let the fun and games begin!

  5. We had a good Christmas here, took the motor home and stayed over at the BIL’s so didn’t drive home in the freezing fog at 0’dark 30. It doesn’t have A/C but the furnace works GREAT!! As do the heavy duty sleeping bags. Got lots of fun loot, no one had a melt-down (kids are getting older now) Had more than enough to eat last night, a yummy breakfast this AM and came home. Yea! Back to work tomorrow for me.

    You, sir, have a safe flight home, whenever that may be. Hope you will have some time on the plane to work on some writing…hint, hint, hint 🙂


  6. I live vicariously through you.
    So, looks like I had a great Christmas! 🙂
    Our son flies in from Groton tomorrow.

  7. Suz- Can’t ask for much more! 🙂 And yes, back to writing on Wednesday! 😛

    Murph- I did.

    Ed- We did! Hope he has a great belated Christmas!