Good by 2016, hello 2017!!!

It’s almost time to flip the calendar! Two versions of Auld Lang Syne for ya…


And Gospel/Rock…

There are any number of versions out there, but I’ve found these two are kinda classic ones…

Wishing each and everyone a Happy New Year!!! Now get out there and party hardy, if you still can. Otherwise, I suspect you’ll be in bed by ten like me… 🙂


Good by 2016, hello 2017!!! — 10 Comments

  1. Jim; That’ll make three of us in bed by 10, adding my wife & I.
    WE won’t wake up in the morning with a hangover and friends with tales of our NYE behavior embarrassing us for months to come.
    A happy and healthy new year to ya. Keep up the good work.

  2. We may choose to stay up late, and hit the rack before 10:30. But only because it’s a Saturday night. Have a wonderful 2017!

  3. It’s a worthy day to kill brain cells. However I’ll keep the few that I have left and doubt that I’ll be conscious at midnight.

  4. Roger- LOL, agreed! And the same to y’all!

    Rev- Gonna try! Same to you.

    ERJ- And to you and yours sir!

    LL- We did that before, no need to repeat the ‘stupidity’… 🙂

  5. With the Kenyon leaving the White House is a good start for me. I hope your 2017 will be happy, healthy and prosperous, Jim.

  6. Happy New Year sir, and to all.
    Since I worked today, and will tomorrow, I may nap on the couch, DH will wake me up in time to see the ball drop.
    And the only bubbly will be juice, nothing that will kill any brain cells…I cherish the few I have left.