Just a quickie hit on Life, The Universe and Everything (LTUE) Conference I attended in Provo, UT last week…

Ranging from Academics, through Art, Publishing and Professional Development, Gaming to Writing, and Well-Being. With over 200 different panels and activities centered around writing and performing, it was honestly one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended.

Now 35 years old, this conference is, IMHO, one of the best places to listen and learn on many subjects that a writer can use to improve their craft, regardless of genre one writes in.

Professional authors, editors, artists all freely sharing on panels designed to help not just the beginning writer, but also to make the writer think and look at different options, ways of doing things, with the goal of being more successful (and NETWORKING).

Three days that I can honestly say I enjoyed (well other than FBS from sitting for 10-12 hours a day), and I’d highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in becoming a successful author/artist (and NETWORKING).

Numbers?  Somewhere between 11-1300 people attended over the three days.

Biggest problem? Not being able to be in two or three places at once, so you must make good choices on which panels you attend. Most of the panels are 50 minutes long, usually 40 minutes of discussion then 10 minutes of Q&A.

Kudos to all those panelists who gave of their time to give a little back, it was truly appreciated.


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  1. It’s on the bucket list. First, I have to figure out how to finance the boy child’s education and hobbies, then I can concentrate on my own.

  2. Glad you had a good time, and even more glad that you made it home safely! Libertycon would not be the same without you!

  3. Thanks for the synopsis, I wondered if it was as interesting and informative as others said.