Our friend Alma Boykin has a new novel out and it’s…


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The blurb-

Antalia — Where queens and Huntresses rule.
Antalia — Where magic is anathema and men obey women.
Antalia — Where land, water, and people tremble at the break-point!

Since the Conquest, queens and their Hunters rule Antalia, banishing all magic in favor of technology—steam and sparks. Men, too impulsive and irrational to govern, live in respectful obedience lest more disasters befall their people. Andre Kalisson, an engineer and hydrologist by trade and dutiful royal employee, tumbles into a secret that could unmake his world. The people who once lived in Antalia used magic, magic that threatens to break its bounds and destroy the land in the process.

Antalia — Where an unwilling mage, a printer, and an archivist can change everything!

This one will be interesting!


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  1. You need to be stopping this!! You keep recommending very good books/interesting authors to read! I have so many to read now, I’m gonna have to keep working to be able to afford my book bill! 🙂

    And when is YOUR next book coming out??