It’s now ‘someplace’ in South Korea…

What you don’t see is the TPY-2 and control vans, which were on a different airplane…

Nor the reloads, which were on a third airplane.

Supposedly configured in the terminal mode as opposed to the forward base mode, it’s only ‘good’ out to give or take 300ish NM…

If you want a few more details, HERE is the wiki.

It’s setting both the NORKS and the Chinese back on their heels, because the USA IS stepping up and honoring those defense treaties that have been ignored in the past.

It’s a good bet this isn’t the ONLY THAAD unit deployed right now, and you can bet the Navy has their Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) units on station too.

And if I just reference the wikis, I don’t risk saying something I shouldn’t… 🙂


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  1. They’re setting it up at the Lotte Group owned golf course just west of Gakgyi-Ri (South of Daegu in Seongju County). The South Korean Lotte Group board of directors met on Monday, the 27th, to approve a land swap deal between the military and Lotte so as to facilitate and expedite the THAAD deployment. China canceled a business deal pending with Lotte Group as a result. The ROK will compensate Lotte but those details haven’t been worked out. For more –

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    And I am sure that the Aegis platform that the squids have can work good for missile intercept.

  3. PE- That they did…

    LL- Thanks, I wasn’t sure that deal was ‘official’ so I didn’t add it.

    Bob- They can… 😀

  4. And if I just reference the wikis, I don’t risk saying something I shouldn’t…

    Yeah, well, if you have classified knowledge and you reference the Wikis, aren’t you, in essence, vouching for their accuracy?

  5. CM- LOL, nope… Never qualified on any of those systems, so I really don’t know.

    Fargo- See above


  6. The “big” question is just how much will the Chinese back-up the Hostile North Korean Govt??
    I get the feeling that the present Leader loudmouth Kim Jon may be “leaving” his position soon.