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In the WTF category, we have Kamala Harris’ comments/tweets about Judge Gorsuch, to whit:

President Trump’s nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, certainly has a paper resume that would impress legal scholars.

But concludes…

…Judge Gorsuch has consistently valued narrow legalisms over real lives. I must do what’s right. I cannot support his nomination.

You can go HERE and read the whole meltdown… Maybe she needs to change her name to Kalamity Harris… Cause that’s sure as hell what she’s going to be… Just continuing the ‘tradition’ of loony left females from California… Sigh…

And re the wall… From the Mil-email chain…

It has been estimated that construction of a wall partially protecting the US from invasion by civilians (also military and IslamoTangos) will cost us around $25 billion.

It costs us taxpayers roughly $99 billion per year to house, feed, medicate, transport, educate, pamper, etc. the horde that has suckled on the taxpayers’ munificent teat during decades of RINO and Democrat regimes.

I am not a mathematician, but the above figures, in general terms, reveal that it would take only three months through savings alone to pay for the wall, with an annual ROI of about 25% (assuming a reasonable roundup and deportation of illegal alien Entitlementarians).

The Chinese did not ask permission before building the Great Wall; neither did Israel for the West Bank Barrier. There is no reason to beg permission from a hostile UN for the USA to protect itself against further invasion. As a matter of fact, if Canada continues to kowtow to and pamper Sharia proponents, we should consider erecting a Northern Wall!

Is there any investor in the USA who would not be willing to get 25% annual return on a venture?   No – I didn’t think so.

In other news, the mesquite is blooming, so I guess winter is ‘officially’ over in North Texas. For what that’s worth… One little dusting of snow, one day and that was it.

Finally got to the range on Saturday, did a little teaching and shot my carry pistols. As everyone keeps saying, shooting IS a perishable skill (IOW, I sucked!). And thanks to Peter, did a deep clean on the guns, using his electronic bath. But I have to say it’s embarrassing when you get dust bunnies out of your carry gun… sigh… Even when you carry them in a holster, they pick up all kinds of crap in everyday wear.

I’m loving the sights Tam recommended, the Trijicon HD night sights. They are easy to pick up, day or night! If you’re an old fart like me, they’re worth looking at. Just sayin…

And I’ll leave you with the Loony Left’s response to any attacks in Europe…  My question is, what will they do when those attacks come here?


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  1. My blog today touched on the wall that Pakistan is building to keep Afghan/Taliban out and I haven’t heard any outrage from the corrupt, elite, smug, lying mainstream media on the subject…don’t hold your breath. —-build that wall.

    Regarding Judge Gorsuch, the progs want him to make rulings based on “feelings” instead of following the law. Harris (an idiot), feels that all rulings should be made based on liberal principles rather than on legal precedents. Harris wants to be the first negro female to be president. Expect more on that in the coming years.

  2. That cartoon is spot on, particularly in the “do nothing” category. A tantrum isn’t “something”.

  3. When you clean your carry gun (I’ve found dust in mine to – however, I was more concerned by the woodchips that came from using a chainsaw!), don’t forget to check your magazines – if movement of the follower is ‘crunchy’ or ‘gritty’, take them apart and clean them.

  4. LL- Excellent points! But I think she’s so far left even the progs can’t get behind her…

    Rev- Isn’t it, though! 🙂

    Jon- Did that last night. No wood chips, but more dust bunnies… sigh…

    GB- Ah yes, the default question… 🙂

  5. Yeah. The stuff they are saying about Gorsuch. I’m like…really? That’s all you got? I watched the hearings. He is brilliant. Not one person is going to 100% agree with a judge’s lifetime of decisions. They are not perfect. He is a great selection. But…they would rather oppose anyone from this presidency than pass them because the just want to say no for the hell of it.

  6. A Supreme Court justice who focuses on the narrow interpretation of the law…whodathunk it?

  7. I’ll check out those sights. The Tritium night sights on my Kimber are getting onwards of 10 years old, which I believe is about when the brightness really starts to drop.

  8. Fargo- Funny how in 2006, they were HAPPY to endorse him… sigh

    Mike- Ain’t THAT the truth… dammit…

    drjim- Yep, 10 years is the outside range of ‘effectiveness’…

  9. My question is, what will they do when those attacks come here?

    Easy they ARE here. What they are doing is blaming the victims, call for more gun control, And covering it up. “Their motives may never be known”

    Ft Hood. (workplace violence)
    Garland Tx (You ASKED for it)
    San Bernadino Tx (More workplace violence you Texans are so VIOLENT)

    With minimum effort you can find 10X more examples.

    The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam.
    Remember that quote? that was our President.

  10. So I haven’t seen much of Gorsuch hearings, but I did listen for a bit on the radio. He certainly sounded more than reasonable and definitely patient with the stupid questions Sen Feinstien was asking.

    Regarding the Loony Left, they are loony…ya just can’t fix stupid…or loony!

    Dust bunnies, while tame, are definitely a symptom of being very busy doing other things…like writing;), or working (in my case). But rust can be knocked off with practice. DH set up the gong target for us 2 days ago. So I have plans to get some practice in later this week. It is nice to be able to step off the back steps to practice. Cause there are lots of dust bunnies in my .22, as nothing has been fired since last fall. 🙁

  11. After several years of checking Wikipedia every time Pelosi or Boxer says something idiotic, then looking to see how old she is and doing the math, it saddens me there’s one more fucking idiot waiting in the wings to take up the slack.

  12. THOT- Hadn’t looked at it that way, but you’re right.

    WSF- Again, still… sigh

    Donin- But HOW???

    Suz- Yep, get some trigger time, and REGULARLY!!!

    Heath- Oh yeah… sigh

  13. Those sights from Trijicon are pretty expensive, but if you can’t see them, you can’t use them. My G21 is due for an upgrade. Thanks for the passing along the recommendation.

    • Also, consider the sights from Ameriglo. As my eyes are getting older, I find three dot sights are too busy. Recently put a set of Ameriglo I-Dot tritium and I really like them. I got the ones with the orange front sight, but they come in green and white. You can find them for about $80. Ameriglo also has three dot sights, either the Pro-Glo or the Spartan Operators for $90-105 depending the model.

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  15. Hey Old NFO;

    I guess Harris wanted a “wise latina, with the perspectives that comes with it” I suppose. And we are the only country asking permission to build the wall? something is wrong here, really wrong. It isn’t immigration, it is invasion by population transference and the idjits in the capital see votes, they don’t see the death of the country. And finally I need to look to upgrade the sights on my revolver and my Millinium since they are what I carry the most.

  16. j.r.- You’re welcome, and yes, they ARE expensive, but worth every penny for my tired old eyes…

    Kidevu- Another good option.

    Bob- Yep, sigh…