It’s Alive!!!

Peter Grant’s new book, Rocky Mountain Retribution is live on Amazon!

I was one of the beta readers, and it’s a damn good read! Expanding on the theme of the first book, it follows Ames as he grows his business interests, and the battle to keep things going against multiple forces after the Civil War. By turns humorous, exciting, and gut wrenching, it’s a read in one sitting book!

Click the cover to get your copy on Amazon!

 The blurb-

In the post-Civil War West, the railroads are expanding, the big money men are moving in, and the politicians they are buying make it difficult for a man to stand alone on his own. So, Walt Ames moves his wife, his home and his business from Denver to Pueblo. The railroads are bringing new opportunities to Colorado Territory, and he’s going to take full advantage of them.

Ambushed on their way south, Walt and his men uncover a web of corruption and crime to rival anything in the big city. And rough justice, Western-style, sparks a private war between Walt and some of the most dangerous killers he’s ever encountered, a deadly war in which neither friends nor family are spared.

Across the mountains and valleys of the southern Rocky Mountains, Walt and his men hunt for the ruthless man at the center of the web. Retribution won’t be long delayed… and it cannot be denied.

If you like westerns where the guns are right, the history is right and blended with a great story line, you’ll enjoy this one.


It’s Alive!!! — 8 Comments

  1. I am catching computer software corrections of words — like you writing ‘If you like westerns were the guns are right’ I would have had ‘where’ instead of were… but the automatic spell corrector might not care what you meant and put were where it wanted.

  2. I just finished reading book one. I will be ordering this one today. A good read, though I think he is PW when it comes to his wife.

  3. Thanks for the read tip. I love to read REAL books and not TEXT books. Oy.

  4. Earl- Thanks! Fixed it… sigh

    CP- LOL, he is… Hard copy should be up next week. Just keep checking back.

    Fargo- Hang in there… And use the book for ‘relief’ reading! 🙂

  5. I found it on Amazon Kindle last night…it is GOOD!! After that tease he did a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been looking forward to it.

    I just don’t have patience to wait for a “real” book, nor room on any bookcase to store it. Electrons do store in a much smaller space. 🙂 Besides, I can make the font bigger when I really want to read, but my eyes are tired. It’s an age thing…never used to happen when I was younger. Sigh.

  6. Bought it last night and finished reading it at 3 a.m. Last time I did that was the day the late Tom Clancys Debt of Honour came out.

  7. Love the Louis L’amour style art. Looking forward to reading.