It’s been a ‘week’…

From this…

Thankfully, no one was killed in this tornado, and I didn’t see it! I was hiding under a bridge in pouring rain that limited visibility to less than 100 feet, when it passed about a mile from us.

To this…

Tranquillity and ‘relatively’ warm weather…

In between were one nice day, another rainy/lightning day, and two COLD and windy days. Trust me, mid-50s/low-60s with 30-40 kt winds ARE cold!!!

One more day of volunteering and I’m back to the home 20 and wrap up Rimworld- Into the Green and get it into print by the end of the month.

All in all, it’s been a good week, time spent with old friends in a beautiful setting, and weather aside, well worth it.

What I’m wondering is what I did to piss off my readers! I’m down to 30% this week from my normal number of reads/day.

Comments, please???


It’s been a ‘week’… — 34 Comments

  1. Nice Weather! My computer time has dropped considerably.
    A half hour to a hour in the AM and the same in the evening.

  2. It’s been the same here in Indiucky. Warm and sunny one day, followed by a night of storms and tornadoes, then a day of cold rain and wind. Glad you had a good week through all that.

  3. Are you comparing your number of reads to other “I’m going to be out all week” weeks? Are you comparing against other book excerpts? Make sure you’re looking at apples-apples. Not to knock your fictional writing, but I suspect your usual mix of mil/aviation/gun stuff has a strong draw. I wouldn’t sweat it at this point.

    Welcome back.

  4. Tornadoes disturb me. I’m with you on parking under the over-pass and riding that bad boy out. There are no brave men who are out in Tornado weather, daring the storm to take them. Just people with a death wish. They don’t call them twisters for nothing.

    I’m glad that you pulled one nice day out of the week.

  5. My kid was on spring break which limits my computer time.

    And we had some good weather. Gotta make hay while the sun shines.

  6. Glad you are faring (fairway-ing?) well. I was one of the victims of the F0 tornadoes (bah) that passed through DC Thursday. Touched down on my building (right next to DIA HQ). Ripped up a bunch of trees around the building, not much else outside a few hundred foot radius. Maybe a dozen cars damaged – some windshields, scratched roofs. A couple of them got crushed by tree limbs though. Nobody hurt, no windows blown out in the buildings.
    Then drove through two hailstorms on the drive home. Felt and sounded like the car was being shotpeened. No damage though the roads were totally covered in white hailstones.
    Safe travels, can’t wait for more reading material!

  7. We had a bit of the same weather you had. Hail damage to my truck and ripped up the canopy over the hot tub and knocked holes in the cover over the deck. Most his been repaired, but still a hard few days. I bet the golfers had a field day with all the wind. I knew you were close by, but figured you would be tied up the whole time, so maybe next time you are in this neck of the woods, we can toss back a couple.

  8. Yup, spring has finally sort of sprung here in the midwest, chores start up again, first mowing of the lawn blessed by the sprinkle of dog pee not marking yellow for the first time in 5 months, etc.

  9. Agree with Jeremiah Weed. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Personally, I have not had much free time this week to read blogs. I haven’t clicked through to any of your posts to read the teasers. Don’t misunderstand me! I do love your fiction, I just haven’t had the 10 minutes to dedicate to reading the teasers yet this week.

  10. We have had all kinds of weather here, and if it’s sunny I’m out. Lot of spring fever going around, so that may be the reasons for low commenting.
    Safe journey homeward.

  11. I blame it on the case of “Crudus Majora” I’ve been suffering the past week.

  12. Welcome to Texas. Did the real eastern agent forget to mention you are at the southern end of Tornado Alley?

  13. Been busy for a change. I stop by every few days to catch up.

  14. In my case you did nothing to annoy me — I was just not on the computer as much last week due to work. 🙂

  15. I’ve been here every day since last month. Can’t promise that all month or next, though.

  16. Work has been nuts as spring break is going on, lots of folks are off spending quality time with their kiddos, so there have been lots of late nights along with the 30-40 degree days with 30-40mph winds/rain/snow/sleet/mud, etc. Yuck!

    I’ve been here, have been reading the excerpts even tho’ I bought the book, and just haven’t been commenting. Figured you were busy with the golf/volunteering stuff. 🙂 Glad you got to spend quality time with friends, even if you needed swimmys occasionally.

    Safe travels home.

  17. Because you told everyone to read the folks in the sidebar during your absence?

  18. Hey Old NFO;

    I was out of the country…, It is spring break, a lot of adults and some kids ain’t on the computer…so there…

  19. All- Thanks! And yes, I was doing apples to apples… Oh well… 🙂 You folks are my loyal readers and I appreciate it! I know real life is out there.

    Posted from my iPhone while sitting in traffic trying to clear Augusta… 30 minutes to go three blocks.

  20. I checked in twice last week, don’t yell at me. 😉 chuckling

  21. Well, I would say you did nothing wrong. I have been busy with grad school. I am doing catch up today. Yikes on the first pic. Lovely on the second one. Can’t wait for you to finish up your book!

  22. I’m not pissed at you; I’m pissed at Mama Fargo, and since she posts here I’m boycotting the place. Glad you noticed – SHE certainly hasn’t.

    We had severe hail, and the tornado sirens went off six or eight times in 30 minutes – whatever the hell that means, I couldn’t even guess. The government in Columbus, Ohio just like to blow the sirens, I guess. I think they sound the siren if there might be a tornado, then they sound it again when it’s ‘all clear’. But maybe not.

    All I can say for certain sure is that I, personally, didn’t see a tornado. I wasn’t hiding, either.

  23. Less time on the computer due to reading books from the library, viewing DVD’s from the library, and working on turning my fabric stash into quilts. I also went on a ride-along with an Arlington, Texas police officer for a day and had a GREAT time!