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Sigh… Figures, the one day I don’t check before I go out the door, the damn scheduler doesn’t… Sorry folks!


In the throes of final editing on Rimworld- Into the Green, hoping to have it out by the end of the month, so that’s cutting into my blogging and reading/commenting time.

In other news, I missed this one on Tuesday. Apparently Rice’s outing of Flynn et al has Congress just a ‘tad’ upset.  Apparently there will be hearings coming! Article, HERE.

I think everyone survived Easter, but I’m pretty sure the parents had a LOT of fun trying to get the sugar/chocolate high kids down to sleep last night!!! 🙂

In other news, I know folks like to beat up on US Navy Carriers, their costs, and ‘lack’ of functionality/viability in this day and age…

But guess what… When push came to shove this last week, guess what asset(s) got sent to do the force projection.

The USS Carl Vinson and her Carrier Strike Group (CSG)! Full article, HERE from Global Security. Yes, they deployed a couple of BUFFs to Osan, and there are a couple of THAAD batteries in a couple of locations, but the carrier ratchets up the potential response available within less than 30 minutes, compared to anything else that is hours or more away.

Lastly, it appears the left is still in meltdown/denial, even with President Trump moving to the center, the left is now accusing him of flip-flopping on his campaign promises that they were wailing and gnashing their teeth over… Soooo… He’s moving from positions the protested, to positions that are closer to what they want, and it’s a BAD thing???

Can somebody ‘splain that to me???



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  1. Do you think that there is an explanation or logic to the dimocrats?
    Well yes, perhaps if one will accept blind hatred as a reason.

  2. Roger- Good point!

    Grog- Yep! 🙂 Pushing them through certification as fast as safely possible!

    Ed/Rick- Agreed!

  3. You neglected to mention the Hercules (pronounced HAIRkooless, if you are an ally).

    Re: Congressional hearings – when is the last time something substantial came out of one?

  4. Yeah, not happy with the flip flopping, but like you, am mystified that the people who hated the initial position now hate the action of coming closer to their opinion.

    Just can’t win with some people I guess – just write them off as idiots.

  5. The only explanation I can come up with is the libs hate him because he was once one of them and he deserted to the Republicans!!! 🙁 Never mind the whole “he is a businessman” who is successful (which means he made LOTS of $$$$) and all the libs/dimacrats just want someone to support them, not actually make money themselves.

    Trump is doomed, he can’t please everybody all the time, and further more he could care less. Which really frosts the libs. They feel they should be important!! He just wants to get rid of all the nonsense regulations, balance the budget/reform the taxes, get government out of the way, and keep the terrorists from bombing us here. And to enjoy his family…like most of the rest of us. That’s what I see anyways.

    • I am not for getting rid of Trump. He seems to be doing pretty much what needs to be done. The Libs hate him and the eGOP hate him; those two things make me glad he is there. It is no longer business as usual — ripping off the American public for the “Elite”.