Having one of ‘those’ days…

I’m fighting with, and losing the battle with the latest book right now. Seems that ‘something’ I’ve done is screwing up the uploading for the manuscript to get it in the proper format…

Days like this, I REALLY wish I could just hand the manuscript to a professional and they could deal with this crap!!!

Well, back to the paperback wars. I’m still shooting for the end of the month, God willing and the Creeks don’t rise!

If it’s nice weather, go outside and enjoy it! If not, go read the folks on the sidebar. I’ll try to get some real content up tomorrow, assuming I win the battle.

In the mean time, I’m just going to leave this one here…


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  1. There are chores that I dread. You’re involved with one of them now. Getting the book from “complete” to “finished” is agonizing. And then there are always the typos that everyone missed, irrespective the editing. They just show up. And people love to point them out – and you groan.

    Persevere, my friend.

  2. I hear you. I’ve been fighting with Word, my laptop, and my printer, this morning. I’ve got all but the last two pages of another ms printed to edit…and the printer shows a green light until I go to print the last bit. And that was after Cricket had stumbled into irritating Shadow into chasing and beating on her (cats, I swear…they’re just like kids).

  3. I hope you get the computer thing straighten out before you break out the hammer. And it is sad how low the Dems have evolved.

  4. LL- Yep, sigh… At least I go back and correct them. 🙂 We were chatting about that last night at dinner.

    HH- OH yeah! At least you’re ONLY fighting the printer and cats, I’m fighting the ‘online’ monster.

    CP- Isn’t it though… And looks like the $8-9M that got dumped into the GA race by the dems STILL didn’t work!

  5. If it’s ebook or Kindle, I’d say tell us what the problem is. Somebody probably uses the same method that you do, and will have an idea or two that precisely fixes the problem.

    When it’s paperback — ugh!

  6. Sorry about your troubles.
    Me, I’m outside catching some D and cruising Main in Hank, before the next storm rolls in…

  7. Getting the bags packed for a Warrior Dash (3.4 miles, mostly vertical*) and 12 obstacles. You’d think, at my age, I’d have better sense than to be doing stuff like this, but I’ve got two Minions who love to play in the mud, and since they’re minors, I get both of their free beer tickets, so there is some payoff.

    (*You think I’m kidding? The race organizers describe it as “moderately hilly.” That’s like describing the Mississippi river as “moderately damp.”)

  8. Randy- It was ‘something’ in the formatting… I reformatted the ENTIRE damn novel this morning, saved it to a different file name and finally got it to go up…

    Brig- 😛 ENVY!!! 🙂

    RS- Envy you too! I’m too old and broke to go play… Stay safe and enjoy the beer!!!

  9. Ok, I did as ordered. Stacked a cord of firewood up so it will dry into half cord boxes, dumped 3 5 gallon cans of ashes (those suckers were heavy!!)and 4 pails of compost on to the garden, shoveled the 8×16 foot wagon clean of sawdust (about 8 inches thick), putting it around my elderberry bushes, and cut DH’s hair. My reward was to shoot the NULA .22 (I hit 4/5 on the target) and supper out. Now I’m headed to the bottle of Motrin, and the couch. Thank goodness I have work-for-money tomorrow so I can rest up:)

    It was beautiful outside though…60’s, no breeze or bugs, lots of sun, and birds singing all over.

    I have faith you will get the manuscript to load…without using artillery on the ‘puter.

  10. My ‘liberal’ relatives didn’t appreciate my posting the Democrat picture. We are having a mini family gathering next month and I expect to get an earful.