Old Friends…

It figures, I’m on the road and my scheduler for the blog has decided to quit working! I’ll work on getting this fixed when I get back home, sorry for the delay in these post I do try to get them up early in the morning.

And I DO mean old…

A few of us from high school, mumble years ago, got together this weekend down in South Texas.

Some of these folks I hadn’t seen in well over 30 years. All I can say is ‘some’ people don’t change…LOL

Attitudes may get ‘distilled’, but they are still the same people!

Good to see them, good food, laughter and good times, but sadly, now it’s back to reality… We’re TRULY not 18 anymore…


Old Friends… — 6 Comments

  1. I survived my 50th five years ago… and am just now recovering. Damn if some of them got really old. A few are still recognizable, but, there too, they also got old. The remarkable things is, almost all the old class is still around. And I though you gave up travling when you retired… silly me.

  2. Yeah, those reunions can be real interesting.

    Funny Guy, “Remember when I put that firecracker in that kid’s back pocket while he was taking a piss? What a howl! And then I set that other kids handkerchief on fire and they expelled me? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

    Me: “Yeah, I remember. Say Funny Guy, is that your Mustang out in the parking lot? Blue with a custom paint job, sitting under the lights?”

    FG: “Yeah, Mustang Cobra. I bought it six months back and had it painted down at the Corvette Custom Shop. How do you like it?”

    Me: “Fine, but, ah… well, it’s on fire.”

  3. I don’t understand how everyone I went to school with can get so old, yet I haven’t changed. 🙂 Glad you had the chance to see those friends.

  4. I told a story on the radio about an incident in high school and my boss heard it.
    He guessed which school and asked. He then told me he was an alumni and that his father in law announces the football games.
    I asked who. Classmate of mine.
    He golfs with a number of friends of mine in high school.

  5. We’re not 18 any more and we are no longer indestructible,
    as I am continually reminded.

  6. CP- Yeah, still travel, but when ‘I’ want to! 🙂

    MJ- LOL, the ultimate in payback!!! 😀

    Rev- Yeah, right…

    Ed- Heh, you just can’t get away from that!

    Roger- OH so true!