I’m planning on finding out some more details on this at the NRA this coming weekend…

The National Rifle Association will unveil a new concealed-carry training program along with a new concealed-carry insurance plan during the group’s annual meeting this week.

The new programs, collectively called NRA Carry Guard, will feature advanced training aimed at the more than 14 million Americans who are legally permitted to carry concealed firearms across the country.

Full article, HERE.

One of the ‘big’ questions is going to be how this will impact CCW/CHL training at the State levels to meet state requirements. Right now I don’t have a good answer.

NRA website, HERE.

That reminds me, I need to pack… sigh…

If anybody is interested in meeting up, I’ll be at the NRA Press Room Friday morning.


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  1. Safe travels, sir, and we look forward to hearing more about the new program.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I gotta call about my Media credentials, thanks for the reminder. Will everyone be getting together sometimes during the NRAAM?

  3. Rev- Thanks! I’ll get a post up when I get the details.

    Bob- I don’t know. I’m NOT coordinating that this year. 5 years of cat herding was enough…LOL

  4. Yeah, I have not heard anything about an instructor update seminar this year either. You pose an interesting question though. I went ahead and filled the form out for instructor training certification for this.

    Might get interesting!

  5. I dunno. Alabama doesn’t have a training requirement, for either open or concealed carry. And after 26 years of military quals and re-quals, I’d be a little offended if they told me that I needed additional training. But that’s just me.

  6. I decided last night to post a pic of my NRA membership and post it on FB with the slogan, “I am the NRA. I am freedom’s safest place. ”
    Might be nice if all NRA members did that.