NRA AM Day 2…

One of the ‘things’ I noted today is that there doesn’t ‘seem’ to be the urgency of the last years on the convention floor, or in people’s faces…

While not complacent, they seem much more relaxed, IMHO.

One of the things I was asked to do, was to compare the new Wilson double stack 9mm against the standard single stack 9mm.  Here’s a lousy picture of the back straps. I apologize for that, but the double stack is only ‘slightly’ thicker.

This pic shows how Wilson gets away with that…

The double stack is again on the left, the side walls of the frame are integral to the grip surface, and MUCH thinner by comparison than that of the frame and grip panels on the single stack on the right.

Prices are in the $2800 range, give or take the options one chooses.

Sadly, I’m not going to be able to stay for Sunday due to other commitments, but it’s been good to see old friends, spend some time walking the floor and seeing the ‘new’ toys, etc. and avoiding the drama llamas that seem to keep popping up.

Today was ONLY 4.4 miles… Sigh…

The instructor meeting was interesting, in that Instructor Lead Training (ILT) has been added back to the instructor portfolio, so we, and the students, have an option other than forcing students to do half their training online before they ever see an instructor.

Thanks to those who’ve stopped by and read my updates, and remember next year is Dallas!!!


NRA AM Day 2… — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you for the pictures, especially the purses, and the updates. Hope you have safe travels back home, and that your feet (and back) quit aching shortly.

  2. Glad you enjoyed you stay and got in a little exercise. Now have safe travels to your next destination.

  3. Awesome trip, glad you had such a good time. Safe travels for you..