For the addled posting schedule… Still trying to recover from surgery…

Anyhoo… Some ‘good’ news for our side of the aisle.

Much to the mainstream media’s chagrin, the FBI’s report on the number of NICS checks conducted on gun sales in April contradicts their claim that the firearms industry is experiencing a “Trump slump” in 2017.

Full article, HERE.

This pretty much backs up what we were hearing at the NRA convention too, so I’d tend to believe this rather than what the MSM is putting out…


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  1. Now that is very neat! I must admit to being pretty cynical to whatever the MSM put out, so it is nice to have my doubts verified.

    Hope you are spending some quality time cuddling with Kaya, following PP’s orders, and that the pain meds are good ones.

    Feel better, we will all be here when you are back up and running again.